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Women still paid 10% less than men


The 2009 AIM Gender Pay Differentials report was released yesterday, and while pay differences have decreased from last year, particularly at the top end, the report serves as a reminder of the work still ahead for anyone seeking pay equality in Australia (i.e. most sane human beings).

The report shows that, compared to 2008, the average pay difference between the genders narrowed (from 10.6% to 10.2%) with the largest decrease in pay differences recorded at the Chief Executive job level (down 2.0%) and within the Human Resources job family (also down 2.0%).

Disturbingly, AIM reported that pay differentials were notably higher in the Small Company Survey group than the Large Company Survey group – 13.9% for Small Companies and 9.2% for Large Companies.

The report was based on data collected from 759 organisations across Australia (predominantly large corporates and professionals). Then, a sub sample was created to compare ‘like against like’ using only those job roles that contained pay data for both male and females and where a minimum of five male and five females existed.

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