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Will this ad go viral? Does a bear dance in the woods?


Move over Old Spice. There’s a new viral campaign in cyberland that’s stealing your chatter. This addictive ‘choose your own adventure’ inspired advertising campaign for European stationary brand Tipp-Ex takes the viral power of bears on YouTube (think John West) and adds a layer of interactivity (think Burger King’s Subservient Chicken).

Salty language warning: High

Tipp-Ex Advertisement – Hunter and Bear

How will Tipp-Ex maintain the momentum? According to Twitter chatter, there are apparently 50 options. Wikipedia currently hosts a growing list. We can only hope that the makers will release a report, highlighting the originality of the options suggestion (or the blandness of viewers’ collective unoriginality).

What did you ask the hunter and bear to do? Sex? Yeah. Me too.

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