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Why you should launch your idea before it’s ready [VIDEO]


In this video from the Harvard Review, Tom Hulme, the Design Director of IDEO London, pitches us this idea: launch your product before it’s ready.

Why would you do such a crazy thing?

It’s simple: to get real world feedback, from real world customers. We all know a website is never finished, and that’s true of most ideas and business plans.

So, Hulme argues, it’s better to skip the internal prototype testing, skip the market research group, and get straight to your market.

He suggests cheap and effective ways to do this without blowing your entire budget, while allowing you to learn about whether your product will work in the market.

It’s worked for Zynga and Intuit. So, let your idea run wild in the free world, and see if it sticks.

Launch your next idea before it’s ready

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