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Why can’t we walk in a straight line? It must be Beer O’Clock [VIDEO]


Because it’s Beer O’Clock, here’s a challenge to wind up the week.

Try this with your mates: Go out to the parking lot, put a blindfold on a brave volunteer, and tell her or him to walk in a straight line for, oh, a minute.

We’ll cut to the punch line: Your co-worker will fail, laughably. We apparently are unable to hew to the straight and narrow without visible reference points.

OK, go collect your friend before she injures the boss’ car. Then watch the video below, if you haven’t already.

Amazingly, decades of research have not led to an explanation of why this happens. It could be uneven muscle strength, a brain hemisphere that dominates the other, or unequal leg length. We’d like to pin it on phases of the moon, but those get the blame for everything.

This might even explain why even the most perfect business plan can’t prevent a company from veering hither and yon, instead of laser-beaming its way to entrepreneurial Shangri-La. We’re just not wired to stick to an unwavering path.

Image by Debaird

Why can’t we walk in a straight line?

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