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Whispir has raised a $11.75 million Series A round for accelerated international growth


Whispir, the market leader in the Communications-Apps-as-a-Service (CAaaS) industry, recently announced a funding round of $11.75 million.

Investors include Telstra Ventures, NSI Ventures, Rippledot Capital, private investors and Jeromy Wells, the CEO and co-founder of Whispir.

Whispir will use the funds to build capacity as the company continues a rapid expansion in Asia and the United States, further accelerating an already strong growth trajectory.

The company has increased staff by 47 percent over the past 24 months, and sales across all regions are up by 55 percent as calculated on a monthly recurring basis. Growth in Asia is particularly strong, with Whispir recording 145 percent year-on-year growth in Singapore.

“Whispir underpins dynamic and powerful multi-channel communication for its clients. We have been impressed by the leading enterprises in our region and beyond that are already using it to deeply engage. NSI Ventures is very pleased to be on board as Jeromy, Andrew and the team further increase their global reach and extend their product beyond communications into intelligence and insights” commented Shane Chesson, Partner of NSI Ventures.

What has Whispir been up to?

Whispir has evolved into a market leader in the communications space, offering CAaaS to businesses of all sizes – from large enterprise through to SMBs – across three global markets. Partners include Telstra, who use Whispir’s software platform as the basis of their enterprise messaging solution, and StarHub, who see Whispir as a platform to access new horizontal enterprise business opportunities outside the traditional telco product buyers.

The company has recognised significant growth in areas such as Customer Engagement, Crisis Communications, Operational Communications in various industries such as Banking and Finance, Education and Health.

“Rippledot Capital is excited to play an active part in helping Whispir leverage its unique, market leading solutions across the Asian markets and further accelerate its growth” Said Atin Kukreja, CEO of Rippledot Capital.

Whispir’s current expansion over the past 24 months has seen the global team grow from 46 to 86, including the appointment of Paul Bohannon, VP of Sales Australia.  The company has also added to a rapidly growing team in Singapore, with the recent addition of Chief Financial Officer Gareth Roberts, and in the United States, with Brant Williams, VP Americas, heading up operations at Whispir’s US offices in Seattle and San Francisco.

What next for Whispir?

CEO Jeromy Wells states that the company’s offering extends well beyond offering exceptional products and services. “Unlike most contemporary SaaS businesses, Whispir has a channel model, and it is the strength of Whispir’s alignment with its channels that results in a more capital-efficient business.”

Wells concludes, “Cost savings from efficiencies are one thing, and having the capability to mitigate risk for our customers is another, but the magic really happens when Whispir becomes the means by which our channels and end-user customers have new ways to generate new revenue streams – this is the most compelling value. Our business model just gets stronger and stronger every day, with our customers using Whispir to innovate within their businesses. CAaaS is a new category that we have defined and we anticipate that it will receive a lot of attention from the market over the next few years.”