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When the power of technology and advertising work together for good, it can stop evil [VIDEO]


When technology is embraced, advertising can make leaps and bounds. It can really make a difference.

This campaign for Spanish non-profit foundation, Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk (ANAR) is one such example.

This billboard has two messages. One is hidden from adults, only children can see it.

The technology behind it is relatively simple but, as in this case, can be applied to achieve quite a remarkable outcome. There is a lenticular layer on top of the billboard. This allows different images and messages to be displayed depending upon the viewing angle.

The strategy being that a child see the billboard and they are with their abuser, an adult, the child will still get the information they need to get help.

This children see one message: If somebody hurst you, phone us and we’ll help.
Adults see another: Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.

It’s powerful stuff.

A billboard with a hidden message only for children

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