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What’s the future of media, and what are you doing in Rupert Murdoch’s pajamas? [VIDEO]


What’s the future of the media industry, and what does it have to do with silk pajamas?

Earlier this month, Anthill Editor-in-Chief James Tuckerman joined a couple of other captains of the industry for The Riff, a freewheeling discussion sponsored by Melbourne’s Edelman Australia consultants office and hosted by Trevor Young.

By and large, the panelists were upbeat about where media is going. They said the upheaval and downsizing experienced by traditional media, especially newspapers, is part of a shaking-out that will only leave the industry stronger. Journalism isn’t going away, they said; it’s more a matter of matching platforms to the messages.

They also talked about the shifting options for media revenue, especially in light of some outlets augmenting their usual advertising income with product sales (see Yahoo!7’s recent purchase of Spreet and the wild success of Groupon).

The silk PJs came up in a question Young posed to Tuckerman, Michael Short (writer/producer for The Zone at The Age) and Finn Bradshaw (deputy network sports editor at News Ltd).

What if you woke up one morning as Rupert Murdoch (in those pricey jammies) and could do anything with his vast media empire for one day, what would you do?

We’ll let the boys answer that in the videos.

You’re Rupert Murdoch. What next?

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