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What was Australia’s favourite YouTube video for 2010? It is ‘so dumb, so really, really dumb… fer real’ [VIDEO]


Here’s a question for all of you civic-minded, straight-talking, environmentally conscious Australian: What was the most-watched YouTube video on our wide and erudite land in 2010?

Was it the national election? The Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion and spill? The riveting rescue of the Chilean miners?

Of course not! According to Google Australia, the pinnacle of the video chart belonged to the “Bed Intruder Song,” courtesy of video star Antoine Dodson and Auto-Tune the News.

“How’s your kid? How’s your wife?” Pause. Scroll back. Repeat. Viral gold, baby. More than 62 million views worldwide.

To be fair, newsworthy events don’t appear to have the correct DNA for red-hot YouTube videos. None are found in Australia’s top 10 for 2010 or on the top 10 list for the world at large. You do, however, find the Old Spice guy, the Double Rainbow Guy and the Annoying Orange.

The “Bed Intruder Song,” however, is unique among them all because it started as a straight television news report. Some guy slipped into a woman’s bedroom in rural Huntsville, Alabama, and tried to engage in some nasty business. Fortunately, he was chased off and the woman was not hurt. And that allowed the woman’s brother, Antoine, to take center stage before the news camera. And what a performance.

Thanks to Antoine’s over-the-top personality, video of the news report went viral. Then the twisted savants from Auto-Tune the News got their hands on it. Using technology that has long been the dirty little secret of the music industry, they turned the report — and Antoine specifically — into a hip-hop star.

(In one of those meta twists that only YouTube can provide, Annoying Orange eventually did its own “Bed Intruder” tribute.)

To gain a full appreciation of why this video was so popular, watch the original news report and then the catchy remix.

As for those who believe that trolling YouTube is a mind-melting waste of time — “We gonna fiiiind you!”

The Original ‘Dodson Bedroom Intruder’ News Report

Now watch the catchy remix.

“Bed Intruder Song” — Auto-Tune Remix