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What the heck is UX design? And, do you need it? [VIDEO]


First up, I can tell you that it’s got nothing to do with X-Men. It is, however, a term you may be hearing more often.

UX is actually a nifty acronym.

It stands for User eXperience.

And, it’s kind of ironic that the abbreviation is UX and not UE.

Because, it’s kind of bad form to expect people to know that ‘X’ means ‘experience’. That, in itself, provide a bad user experience You see, if you can’t work out what something is by looking at it, in this case the acronym, you’ve failed your users!

However, this short, but insightful video will explain why every entrepreneur, regardless of industry or product, needs to know more about UX.

What the #$%@ is UX design?


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