What if shopping in real life was like shopping online? [VIDEO]

December 19, 2012
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It should be a great experience, right?


There is really only one store that I can think of that makes shopping online easy, too easy. It’s too easy because I accidentally find myself buying stuff. And, this magical site is Book Depository.

The thing is, I have given away 90% of my books. I’m going 100% digital from here on.

Yet, I find myself buying books at Book Depository because I want my young child to still know the thrill of holding a physical book, not just flipping through a digital book on an iDevice.

So, Book Depository is the site that is taking my money, I mean, providing my daughter with real-life books.

How does Book Depository make it so easy to spend money? For starters, it does none of the things shown in this video from Google Analytics.

Real life online checkout


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Peter Zurcher
Peter Zurcher

Fantastic Video and completely relatable from both perspectives. Having an easy to use, flowing shopping cart on an e-commerce store is so important. All that hard work has gone into getting the customer to come to your store, select an item and decide they need it. Loosing them during check out due to a process that is not user friendly or buggy is costing the customer time, and you, sales. A snazzy looking front page with product pages that are fresh with content are often the focus of a sales website. I think just as much attention, if not more, should be invested into a fluid checkout. Recognising and rewarding customer loyalty can be built in, in a way which doesn't cause frustration to the customer.


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  2. […] post What if shopping in real life was like shopping online? [VIDEO] appeared first on Anthill […]