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We’re pretty sure no dogs were harmed during the filming of this Christmas ad [VIDEO]


Office Christmas parties. Few things can be more fun or more excruciating. It really depends on where you work.

Whether it’s a theme, like Back to the Eighties complete with Run DMC and Axel Rose costumes, or a more dressy affair, like Anthill’s Cool Company Awards (Not!), there’s an outfit to be planned. Some people rock up to the office Christmas party in what they wore to work that day. Others have a specific outfit planned.

Think of all that planning, shopping, primping and preening for a night out with… ugh… colleagues.

Then, disaster! Someone else turns up wearing the same dress.

What do you do? Apparently, you use your super powered laser vision to shoot down the offender. Dogs may also be used as weapons of mass destruction.

Legendary English department store Harvey Nichols addresses (pun intended) this very situation in its Christmas 2012 campaign to rid the world of duplicate office Christmas party dresses.

A Harvey Nichols Christmas 2012 – Avoid a ‘same dress disaster’

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