We're creating a new, very Anthillian event series for 2013. Help us choose the logo. - Anthill Online

We’re creating a new, very Anthillian event series for 2013. Help us choose the logo.

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To kick-start 2013, we’re creating a new event for business builders.

It’s a cooking class.

That’s right. We’re calling it our Master Business Bake Up series.

At every event, a business leader will teach a business ‘recipe’ that that he or she will ‘cook’ on the day, in under 90 minutes. (More below.)


In the days before Christmas, we launched a design competition via 99designs.

At the time of writing, the brief has attracted 106 entries from 55 designers.

We’ve shortlisted the options to eight of our favourites. Now, we’re calling on you for your input.

Here are some samples below. Click here to vote.

Vote on the logo. Click here.


The goal is simple. The format is universal.

Business builders come to watch an industry leader prepare a popular recipe… a busines lesson with a clear structure and outcome. A ‘meal’ is cooked. The industry leader does not simply describe ‘how’ a meal is cooked. He or she cooks it.

The industry leader does not hold back or keep secrets. Every shortcut and tip is revealed. The industry leader does not simply share opinions. He or she shows how to get something done.

A clear outcome is achieved… on the day.

FORMAT: 8am arrival (for 8:30am start) — 10am conclusion (30 min networking)
Basic breakfast fare will be provided (caffeine, juice, pastries, that kind of thing)

BRING: Notepad and pen, iPad or Laptop. Prepare to learn and implement.

DRESS: For television (we will be filming this event).

Vote on the logo. Click here.

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