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Welcome home, flyers. Here’s some Iggy Pop, courtesy of T Mobile


OK, when’s the last time a mobile-phone carrier made you feel all warm and cuddly inside? Never? Yeah, us, too.

With its latest advert, T Mobile UK does its doggonedest to change that. As part of the company’s “Life for Sharing” campaign, it set up an elaborate musical escapade on Oct. 27 at Heathrow Airport. It’s all done with voice talent, even the “instruments” (the string section is especially nifty). The result is likely to bring a smile to even the most hard-hearted. Go ahead. We dare you.

The ad, by the by, builds on last year’s dance at Liverpool Station in London, which we covered in May last year (and is equally likely to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling).

The song list itself is impressive in its diversity. Arriving passengers (and some flight crew) are greeted with everything from Mel Torme’s “Comin’ Home, Baby” to Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger.” We would have preferred not to have the George Michael tune stuck in our heads, though.

T Mobile “Life’s for Sharing” ad at Heathrow Airport

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