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    Oh Yeon Ho, president and founder of South Korean website OhmyNews.com, believes there is a journalist in every one of us.

    OhmyNews covers stories from around the world from the website’s evergrowing database of citizen reporters. That’s right . . . housewives, students, engineers and average people from just about every walk of life – except journalism.

    Since the launch of OhmyNews in February 2000, more than 17,000 citizen reporters have contributed at least one article. The site allows comments on each article to be posted, and the author receives a fee commensurate with the story’s popularity.

    A “Top News” story pays the equivalent of about $25.

    OhmyNews is very different from a blog. The company employs 25 trained reporters to cover major news stories and another ten are on hand to review and post as many as 200 articles submitted every day by its citizen reporters.

    OhmyNews attracts more than 750,000 unique users every day and has even been credited with infl uencing the election of South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun.

    An english edition was launched in February last year.



    US satirical newspaper/website The Onion has been lampooning politicians, celebrities and mainstream society for 16 years.

    No one is spared from the Wisconsin-based team’s rapier wit. Each week, millions of people around the world eagerly await their dose of The Onion, which combines youthful irreverence with searing intelligence and historical awareness.

    The Onion’s headlines are legendary, whether from the weekly edition or their mock retrospective publication, Our Dumb Century. Some examples:

    World’s Largest Metaphor Hits Ice-Berg (1912)
    Stalin Announces Five-Year ‘Everybody Dies’ Plan
    Cambodia to Switch to Skull-Based Economy (1976)
    Mr. T Releases ‘Pity List ‘86.’
    Clinton Denies Lewinsky Allegations: “We Did Not Have Sex,
    We Made Love,” He Says
    Al-Qaeda Chatter Deteriorates Into Gossip

    And the stories are generally as humorous as the headlines.



    A kindred spirit of Australian Anthill, the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) is dedicated to celebrating Australian innovation.

    The recently revamped website features top-echelon innovative technologies developed in Australia. It serves as a virtual supermarket for investors and an inspiration to aspiring innovators.

    The ATS was launched in New South Wales in 1998 to take advantage of Sydney’s prominent international profile leading up to the Olympics. It now forms part of an international campaign to expand business, increase exports of innovative technologies and attract foreign and local capital for technology development and commercialisation.