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Website of the Week: Toxel – the inspiration station


Repetition is the enemy of creativity. How often have you begun the day with a grand vision for progress and change, only to end it with the nagging feeling that you’ve done much but achieved little?

One of the best ways to break free from the minutiae of daily life is to take time out to look at the creative works of others. Your reaction to seeing these works might range from ‘Why on earth didn’t I think of that?’ to ‘Why on earth did they bother?’ The point is that you are thinking about creation.

If you are at all interested in product design or commercial creativity, a great place to start is Toxel.com, which describes itself as “a daily design, inspiration and technology blog dedicated to showcasing the best creative products and designs from all over the world”.

Here’s is just a sample of the site’s great collections:

10 Unusual and Creative Restaurants


17 Unique and Creative Tissue Boxes


Beautiful and Creative Origami Creations


14 Unusual and Creative Bloody Designs


17 Unusual and Creative Pillows


Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records


17 Unusual and Creative Headphones


14 Cool Vending Machines from Japan


12 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks


14 Unusual Computer Mouse Designs


12 Unusual Salt and Pepper Shakers


Storm Drain Art from Brazil


15 Unusual and Creative Buildings


14 Unusual and Creative Handbags


Transparent Public Toilets from Switzerland

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