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Website of the Week: The Gruen Transfer


In shopping mall design, the “Gruen transfer” refers to the moment when consumers respond to “scripted disorientation” cues in the environment (of course, with the goal of soliciting a purchase).

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that the website of the popular ABC television program of the same name is extremely effective at seducing visitors who wander through its pages, making departure feel almost impossible.

At Anthill, we get off on this show (intellectually, of course). So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we would visit its website.

But, despite our personal fandom, this site is truly deserving of our coveted Website of the Week label.

It’s offers every episode via web stream. And if that’s too much, visitors can also pick and choose their favourite bits to watch and re-watch. It features clever ways for users to engage with the show (create your own clip, add a caption, etc), in addition to hidden educational (and fun) items, such as ‘Learn Ad Speak’.

But wait. There’s more!

The execution is almost flawless, from the catchy, visually rich homepage, to the ease of navigation within the site.

There’s only one addition we’d like to see: The option to share and embed a clip. This post, for example, would be much richer for it.