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We need more artists and less employees: Why work as we know it must change [VIDEO]


Dan Pink used to be, amongst other things, Al Gore’s speech writer. He also tried being a lawyer for a while but, that didn’t suit his brain.

You see, like so many people, Pink is considered to be ‘right brained’.

Like so many other right brained types, he is creative, big picture oriented and, a story teller.

These are the kinds of skills that most companies, not just startups, are looking for. These are the people needed to drive innovation and success in business. Yet, our way of engaging, motivating and rewarding people does nothing to encourage this behaviour.

In fact, in most instances, it defeats it.

Yet, the world needs more artists and less employees. Consider what motivates you. Then, consider if that is how you are motivating your team.

Why we need more artists and less employees – Dan Pink

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