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WANTED: Entrepreneurs for Channel 9 game show


Yesterday, I received another one of those pitches, asking Anthill to put the call out.

The decision whether to oblige or not wasn’t a hard one. The message was from Anthill’s Pitch Club partner in crime, Peter Christo. He said:

Channel nine contacted me yesterday about a special television event this November called The National IQ Test. The National IQ Test, is an interactive IQ Test and will be hosted by EDDIE MCGUIRE.

What happens on the night is that Eddie asks 36 IQ questions to six teams in the studio, as well as viewers at home. At the end of the night viewers, and the teams in the studio will have an ‘accurate’ guide to their IQ and will have had a lot of fun!

One of the teams will be ENTREPRENEURS, so I am inviting my, and Anthill’s network to nominate.

We thought the experience might be fun for the right person. Plus, it seemed like a good opportunity to raise awareness of ‘entrepreneurship’ as a valid career path.

The flip-side is that we don’t want contestants giving fellow business builders as a bad name.

As such, we created the linked expressions of interest form.

Want to hang with Eddie? Put your name forward:

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