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Victorious Scrubba Wash Bag cleans out the competition in 2012's SMART 100


This one is for the backpacker in all of us. That sun-kissed specimen who treads lightly on the surface of the globe,  travelling with little luggage and luxury… albeit often at the expense of personal hygiene.

Ashley Newland faced the usual dilemma before undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro: how many changes of clothing to bring along without overburdening himself. He came up with a solution that would allow for effective laundry washing while on the road. Behold the Scrubba Wash Bag — an innovation whose design, efficiency and progressive vision have earned it this year’s highest honour in the Anthill SMART 100.

1. Scrubba Wash Bag

Company Name: Calibre8
Headquarters: Richmond, VIC

To ‘get’ the Scrubba Wash Bag (as one might ‘get’ religion or a good joke), it helps to first understand how a washboard works. The interior of the pocket-sized SWB emulates a flexible version of such a board, which Newland cites as as a tried and tested tool for scrubbing.

It also includes a valve for releasing air during the laundry process. Add a few articles of clothing with water and detergent, seal the bag, “scrub” for about a minute (pushing into the bag from the outside to expel air) and voila. Bob’s your uncle.

Although Scrubba is still in its early launch phase, Newland names outdoor types as its most viable market, from campers and budget travellers to aid workers and military personnel.

“There is also a large market for urban dwellers or college students who may not have easy access to a washing machine or may only want to quickly wash a few items of clothing or delicates,” said Newland in his SMART 100 application. “As the Scrubba wash bag doesn’t require electricity, it should also appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.”

Here’s how it works