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This new online platform is here to revolutionise business mentoring

Managing Director of Art of Mentoring, Melissa Richardson, and Director, Alex Richardson

Art of Mentoring recently launched a new online platform to allow organisations to build and execute tailored mentoring programs.

The platform has launched with twenty programs for well-known brands already on board, including Toyota Financial Services,  NRMA, Wesfarmers and the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Designed by mentoring experts in collaboration with tech gurus, Art of Mentoring’s new tech platform is a scalable mentoring solution that transcends traditional methods of mentoring by streamlining the administrative burdens of the offline world, online.

Unlike other platforms, Art of Mentoring’s solution is fully customisable, easy to use and mobile responsive. For clients, this eliminates inefficiencies and means mentoring programs can be tailored to meet specific strategic objectives.

Melissa Richardson, Director of Art of Mentoring, said the platform is a game changer for the industry.

“The platform is a culmination of over 20 years of mentoring experience. Not only is it incredibly intuitive to use, it actually enhances the quality of mentor and mentee relationships. With our participants reporting a satisfaction rate of 80 per cent or higher, you can be assured the program is more than a box ticking exercise.”

What exactly does Art of Mentoring do?

Art of Mentoring’s end-to-end solution includes training and a complete library of  mentoring resources for program coordinators. It also facilitates design, recruitment, application management, mentor matching, online training, automated notifications and surveys.

“Given we know that one in three relationships will fail without training, making sure all parties are adequately prepared with expert resources is a key feature of the program”, Richardson continued.

“Our platform is a win-win solution with both individuals and businesses, reporting high satisfaction rates. The return on investment for businesses is about 500% given mentoring helps transform company culture, improves employee confidence and self-esteem, increases leadership capabilities and ultimately improves employee retention rates.

Previous studies on mentoring revealed that the probability for promotion was higher in mentored individuals compared to those who received no mentoring. A study performed by Sun Microsystems found that 25% of mentees experienced salary increases and were promoted 5 times more than their un-mentored peers.

Other reported outcomes included better job security, higher job satisfaction, lower staff turnover rates and improved self-confidence. It was also revealed that mentors gained higher job satisfaction, career rejuvenation, greater self-confidence and career visibility.

The new platform has already successfully matched over 1,500 mentors to mentees and Art of Mentoring is looking to reach their first 10,000 matches by June 2018.

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