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This edutech platform has raised $20 million in Series A to bring personalised learning to children in Australia

Mark Rohald and Dr. Selina Samuels

Cluey Learning, an online tutoring startup, was founded by a team of visionaries and educators who share the goal of helping children in every corner of Australia access personalised learning.

Cluey has employed educators and expert tutors to bring their mission to life, and to ensure that the Australian school curriculum from years 3 to 12 can be reinforced and customised to an individual child’s learning needs, at the right pace and at the right time. Cluey’s learning content has also been specifically tailored to each state and territory.

Cluey is passionate about using state-of-the-art technology and AI, coupled with expert tutors and educators, to provide children with access to personalised, face-to-face online tutoring regardless of whether they live on a farm, in a big city, or in a small town in Australia.

Cluey makes learning support accessible and convenient so that tutoring can be booked in at a time that suits the child’s schedule. All sessions are recorded so that the child can replay them, and parents can see what the child has learned.

Who is taking part in this funding round?

The $20 million Series A round was led by international technology investors, Allectus Capital, and Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Investment Group, including the listed Thorney Technologies Limited.

This round brings the total funding raised by Cluey to $31 million. Grant Samuel acted as a financial advisor to Cluey.

Cluey was established by Quartet Ventures — the investment house of Sam Linz, Robert Gavshon and Mark Rohald, who have founded and sold some of Australia’s most notable businesses, including Oporto, Rebel, Barbeques Galore, Open Colleges and Think Education.

Rohald also acts as Cluey’s Chief Executive, having previously led Open Colleges in the vocational education space (acquired by Apollo Global for ~$220m) and Think Education (acquired by Seek).

What does this funding mean for the startup?

Cluey CEO Mark Rohald said, “The Cluey Team is thrilled to have secured funding of $31 million to enable us to invest in the ongoing development and delivery of our service.”

There are 3.85 million school students in Australia and approximately 20 per cent currently use tutoring services, with a further 20 per cent actively considering it.

Rohald, states: “The school classroom concept is over 100 years old – it’s a factory model.  It’s very hard for one teacher to tailor learning to every child’s specific needs, prior knowledge, and interests. Cluey enhances and complements school-based learning – we partner with parents and students to support each individual child’s learning journey.

“Cluey uses an online learning platform with fully integrated video and audio, virtual whiteboard, digital content and AI to enable students anywhere in Australia to access the best tutoring experience. Learning analytics support the expert private tutor in delivering a fully adaptive learning program that’s in line with the Australian curriculum.”

He adds: “Our research shows that parents of primary school children are the decision makers when it comes to selecting tutoring services. In the senior years, closer to a third of students themselves proactively research tutoring services.”

Mark concludes: “The results of our research and the experience of our students confirm that Cluey is able to positively change the lives of children all over Australia.

“Cluey helps children feel confident, less anxious, stay on track with schoolwork, better prepare for tests and exams, and fill prior gaps in their learning. We help students across primary, middle and high school achieve their learning goals.”

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