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Thinking outside the bouquet: how to use a tulip as a fire extinguisher [VIDEO]


Do you do a lot of deep frying? Have you ever wandered off and the oil has caught on fire?

You can’t use water or regular extinguishers on an oil fire; that will just spread the flame, not extinguish it.

Yet, you don’t want to have one of those boring, cylindrical extinguishers cluttering up your kitchen. They are so last century.

Enter some Japanese ingenuity.

Now, you can have a oil fire extinguisher in the shape of a tulip. Yes, a tulip.

When fire breaks out, just drop the tulips into the flames and watch the magic happen.

I’m not sure if this is awesome because flowers were chosen as the delivery mechanism.
Or, because the stems are magnetised so the extinguisher can be cunningly disguised as a fridge decoration until the moment of need.

Creative, ingenious, and well, very kitsch.

Dare I say it? This might be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Flower fire extinguisher

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