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The Monthly Schwag (The segment formerly known as Cool for Comment)


At Anthill, we often find ourselves at the receiving end of unsolicited marketing gifts, from key rings to… well… Beatles CDs. Last month, we decided to film our reactions and opinions about some of the best (and worst), and called it, ‘cool for comment’.

The response was so positive (James got ambushed in a pub by a guy called Steve and Lachy’s Auntie Jean thought it was ‘swell’) that we’ve decided to do it again, under the new and improved, more apt segment heading, ‘The Monthly Schwag.’

This month’s schwag…

RSM Bird Cameron

Schwag: Bottle of wine and minnie Aussie Rules Footballs

Schwag Rating: 4/5

Find RSM Bird Cameron at http://www.rsmi.com.au/

CoolAustralia.org / Enviroweek.org

Schwag: a sustainable USB drive (it had a wooden, rather than plastic casing and recycled cardboard packaging). Also, the whole press pack was printed on recycled paper.

Schwag rating: 3.5/5

Find CoolAustralia.org at http://coolaustralia.org and Enviroweek at http://enviroweek.org

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (by Mike Michalowicz)

Schwag: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (book)

Schwag rating: 3/5

Find it at www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com

Spiritual Business (by Kate Forster)

Schwag: Spiritual Business – Creating a business from the heart (book)

Schwag rating: 2/5

Find it at www.SpiritualBusiness.com.au

The Greatest Planet in the Universe (by Neville Lake)

Schwag: The Greatest Planet in the Universe – Episode 1: The Blueprint for Success (book)

Schwag rating: 1/5

Find it at www.TheGreatestPlanetintheUniverse.com

The Entrepreneurs Creed (by Peter J Cahill, Domain Hill Property Group)

Schwag: The Entrepreneurs Creed

Schwag rating: 5/5

Find The Entrepreneurs Creed at www.EliminateSmallBusiness.com and Domain Hill Property Group at www.DomainHill.com.au

Blade Network Technologies

Schwag: The Beatles (2 CD set)

Schwag Rating: 4/5

Find Blade Network Technologies at www.BladeNetwork.net/australia