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The lost interview with Steve Jobs: a must watch for every entrepreneur [VIDEO]


It still seems a little impossible to believe that Steve Jobs died just over two years ago.

Regardless of what you think of him as a person, his business or, his products, Jobs was the ultimate entrepreneur.

This video is of Jobs in 1990, sharing his thoughts on why what he was doing was so remarkable.

It’s not a polished video. You get to see the set up, you get to see the second takes on his response to the first question.

That alone, is worth watching. For every budding CEO, watch how Jobs rephrases his first answer into something far more succinct. This comes with media training and experience but, it’s what everyone should aim for – the appearance of being candid but really, it’s a very strategic and formulated response.

Then, listen to what he is sharing. It was his realisation, as a 12 year old, that people can design tools that amplify our inherent strengths and abilities. That’s why he built Apple computers.

This video is fascinating viewing for every entrepreneur. There is just too much to summarise, you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

Steve Jobs – the lost interview – 1990