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The humble light bulb will never be the same thanks to this Australian innovator


A young Australian innovator who is directly related to the world’s third most important physicist in history has revolutionised the humble light bulb by combining technology and light.

David Clerk, 37, is the founder of General Innovation Australia (GIA), the global innovator in intelligent illumination and its brand Machtig LED Illumination and its product partner SENGLED.

He has taken his inspiration from tech giant Apple when they packed numerous technologies into the iPhone by also packing three technologies in one light bulb.

David has produced a full range of intuitive, eco-friendly and app-controlled products that integrate everyday home electronics with energy-saving LED lighting to reduce the clutter in our houses and bring us closer to enjoying fully smart homes.

How is David Clerk combining light and tech?

The humble light globe has turned hi-tech, with a new world-first range of globes that combine the functions of light, speaker and internet connection.

SENGLED smart lights are set to revolutionise homes and venues everywhere, ridding them of gadgets – and fast-tracking them into the next innovation age.

The ground-breaking tech has allowed light globes to become all-in-one sources of energy-efficient LED lighting and the highest-quality audio or, alternatively, an expanded range of Wi-Fi.

The globes are all controlled by the tap of a smart phone or tablet, and there is no need for power cords, speaker wires or remote controls.

The three products – Pulse, Pulse Solo and Boost – would not look out of place in the home of space-age cartoon family The Jetsons, and are the results of a four-year investment worth millions of dollars:

  • Pulse is a smart bulb that combines a dimmable LED light with a 13-watt JBL Bluetooth speaker, and fits any standard light socket. Lighting and sound can be adjusted from the app. Pulse comes as a “starter pack”, with one master and one satellite bulb, and can be linked to up to six additional satellite bulbs for surround sound.
  • Pulse Solo works like Pulse, but functions independently (without the need for satellite bulbs) – making it ideal for desk lights or lamps. It combines dual 3-watt speakers for stereo-sound effect.
  • Boost is a dimmable LED light that increases existing Wi-Fi range by up to 30 metres by connecting to your home router/gateway. It puts an end to so-called internet “dead zones”.

Pulse, Pulse Solo and Boost are now available in Harvey Norman stores across the country. The Pulse Starter Pack (two lamps) costs $349 while both the Pulse Solo and Boost go for $129.

Earlier this year, Boost was recognised at the prestigious CES Innovation Awards in Las Vegas, which honour the world’s most exciting consumer technology products. Boost took out a top gong in the “smart home” category.

And the Pulse bulb also recently won two GOLD medals at this year’s 2015 Melbourne Design Awards for Product Design – Entertainment and Product Design – Home & Garden.

Who is David Clerk?

David has an illustrious family history. He is related to the man who discovered and documented the speed of light, James Clerk Maxwell, born in the 19th century. Such is his place in science history that he has been referred to as “one of Einstein’s heroes”.

Without his theory on electromagnetism and the elegance with which he expressed it, some suggest there may not be an electrical engineering profession today.

In fact, chroniclers of science frequently bracket together Newton, Maxwell and Einstein as the outstanding theoreticians of the period since Galileo.

David has continued in the footsteps of his famous ancestor, founding a company dedicated to the idea that the humble light bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better.

He began conceptualising a brighter future for the world in 2007, recognising that the lighting market was about to undergo its biggest change in 100 years.

David has built up his own expertise in lighting and innovation through stints at Philips Lighting (reporting to the Asia Pacific head office in Hong Kong), Holden Special Vehicle and LED Technologies.

He now wants to make technologies usually reserved for the rich and famous available to everyone, “Our new products are much more user-friendly, and come at just a fraction of the cost.”

David went on to remark that the target market for his new range of products is simple: “Anyone who uses a light and enjoys music, entertainment and high-quality sound.”

David Clerk, Founder & MD Machtig (Sengled) Pix 8LRDavid told Anthill that these three latest of SENGLED smart LED lights represent a major leap in affordable, life-changing tech and are designed to simply make our lives and homes easier, more enjoyable, safer and healthier.

“We will always need lights, and our lights will always need power so my vision is to utilise the capability of the electronics in an LED light and simplify our lives,” he said.

“Imagine being able to create any atmosphere in your home, office, cafe, bar, hotel, library or school by having full control over the lighting and music in every room – anywhere you have a light bulb,” he went on to remark. “And it really is as easy as changing a light bulb.”