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The best three minute video about managing employees and customers that you will ever see [VIDEO]


Social media has heralded several changes. But one of the biggest ones is how we can broadcast our discontent (or otherwise) with our treatment as a customer. Or, sometimes, our treatment as an employee.

In this video, primatologist legend Frans de Waal shows us two capuchin monkeys that are given unequal pay for equal work. One monkey gets rewarded for its work with cucumber. The other gets grapes. It is known as the the fairness experiment.

This experiment has been repeated with other animals – dogs, birds and chimpanzees. The results are always the same.

Chances are, you’ve participated in this exact experiment yourself, either as a customer or as a business operator. Possibly as an employee or an employer.

If you have been treated unfairly, chances are you now broadcast it on Facebook or Twitter, to get a reaction or a response from the offending company. Social media now makes it very obvious to see who’s being paid in cucumbers and who is being paid in grapes.

Are you rewarding your customers and staff with grapes or with cucumbers?

Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay

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