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28 May, 2009

“You’re gonna miss us when we’re gone!” has never been much of a business model.”

Clay Shirky on the flawed logic of some newspaper executives.

27 May, 2009

“My life has been a series of well-orchestrated accidents; I’ve always suffered from hallucinogenic optimism. I was broke for more than 10 years. I remember staying up all night one night at my first company and looking in couch cushions the next morning for some change to buy coffee.”

Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter.

26 May, 2009

“May you live in interesting times.”

— Ancient Chinese curse.

25 May, 2009

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

— Apple’s Steve Jobs on priorities.

21 May, 2009

“In a tornado, even a turkey can fly.”

Guy Kawasaki on happier times.

20 May, 2009

“Everybody has a plan… until they get punched in the face.”

— Risk management, according to the wisdom of Mike Tyson.

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