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These ten inspiring work spaces are perfect for freelancers who have trouble concentrating on work at home


Freelancing has its perks and downsides. You get to decide when and where you work, and many freelancers decide to work from home. But is this the smart choice?

Sometimes, the laundry can seem more important than finishing that logo you promised today. Whether it’s the TV or other non-specific tasks around the house there is always something to distract you.

Many freelancers have to come up with ways to keep their creative juices flowing without the pressure of their boss or a focused work environment. Sometimes the best way to remain productive is to be in the right space.

A recent study by the University of Minnesota tested the impact of ‘space’ on individuals by monitoring the decisions that people made when subjected to orderly and disorderly environments. What they concluded was that where physical order produces healthy choices, generosity, and conventionality, disordered environments produced creativity.

It is therefore clear that space can greatly impact the productivity of any individual, particularly those who are required to be creative. A coffee shop is usually an excellent choice but if that fails, maybe these 10 creative spaces can help you regain your mojo.

1. Backyard

The backyard can make a perfect fit inspiring workplace separate from the home. You are still within walking distance of your house, so there is no commuting necessary, yet you have just enough distance to help keep home life and freelancing a bit more separated.

2. Wardrobe

Working best with larger or walk-in wardrobes, this small area can be transformed with the addition of shelves, lighting and pictures to create your own space. Simply close the doors at the end of your day to keep work and home life separate.

3. Attic

To convert an attic or basement into an inspiring workspace, you can hang pictures or posters on the ceiling, put shelves on the upright wall at the end of the attic for a triangular bookshelf, or create a desk that wraps around the room.

4. Bedroom

The corner of your bedroom can also be converted into a creative workspace. To really make this work though, you need to feel at work, not in your bedroom. Paint this section of the wall a different colour or cover the wall in posters of inspiring quotes.

5. Beach

If you live close to the beach, find a bench and work there for a few hours. Sometimes just sitting somewhere with an inspiring view can help you focus better.

6. Roof

If you live in a building with an accessible rooftop, create your own urban rooftop office space for warm days. Take a chair, and, if possible, keep a few potted plants up there. Bring a comfy rug and even a foldable desk for days when you want to work outside for more than just a couple hours. You’ll be surprised what ideas you discover up there.

7. Museum

An art gallery or museum can be an excellent source of inspiration for freelancers. Some museums do charge for entry, but sometimes the fee can be equal to the cost of that latte and muffin you always purchase at your local cafe. Many larger museums also have free Wi-Fi so find a spot between your two favourite paintings and get creative!

8. National Park

A national park, the local neighborhood park, or even just the bush surrounding your house can be an excellent quiet location for inspiration. These areas offer many secluded locations, perfect for imagination. If you live near the bush, you can even create your own special spot. Keep an outdoor chair and table, along with any other comfort items, underneath a tree for some natural shading.

9. Bridge

Many people find bridges to be very inspiring, and the nice thing about a bridge is most locations have one. A pier is also an excellent way to visit the ocean without having to sit directly on the beach. Just find a bench, pull out your tablet, and work while listening to the sounds of the birds and ocean and people fishing.

10. Subway or Train Station

It is interesting just how well the sounds and activity of individuals around us can improve focus. This is why so many freelancers visit coffee shops so often for a change of scenery. A subway or train station can create a similar feel of being energized by surrounding activity.

Josephine Sabin is the Community Manager for design work for global crowdsourcing marketplace, DesignCrowd