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Take control of your personal brand with social check


Admit it: you’re a bit of a cyber-stalker.

You Google people.

You research what others say about them, and you see who their friends are.

Relax, you’re just like billions of other people.

But how to control what other people, a potential boss or client, and maybe that hottie from gym is thinking and saying about you?

A new Sydney-based startup helps you give a powerful first impression to employers, recruiters, clients, colleagues and customers. “Not only do we audit online presence, but we go one step further and provide personalised recommendations to improve it,” says Olivia Salanitro from Social Check.

The Social Check Report enables people to rapidly, affordably and easily audit their social media accounts. Social Check then uses its expertise in building successful brands to provide clear, actionable recommendations for immediate steps to strengthen an individual’s online brand and make it easier to open the door to new opportunities (like that hottie at the gym).

The report scans the individual’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts (including the profile data and the last 10,000 posts), and then assesses the individual’s online strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern (which might include profanity, misspellings, the tone of posts, inappropriate content or incomplete and inconsistent information).

It provides a unique Social Check Score out of 1,000 and benchmarks performance against both peers and best practice so that the individual understands exactly where they sit in the market.

The report then provides tailored recommendations to address identified weaknesses and also new and powerful ways to build the individual’s online personal brand. Social Check even offers assistance in the form of events or a personal digital coach.

Wow. Selling yourself has never been this easy. And wait! It only costs $89.95, and therefore compares favourably to cloning yourself and starting from scratch.

You’ve got to admit that some people get it horribly wrong when it comes to social media. Many need someone to show them the way. But we should guard against becoming afraid of ourselves and conforming to what we think the world expects of us. What we really think or feel (appropriately expressed, of course), counts.

In today’s world, our integrity already means so little; when we lose it completely we lose the last inch of ourselves (thank you, V for Vendetta).