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Why inclusion is now more important than diversity

Australia, like most other developed nations around the world, is experiencing a very tight labour market. Countries are now competing globally for...

Feel at home at the office – is ‘domesticated’ design the future of the...

Workplace well-being is a growing trend. When a company fully integrates a ‘domesticated’ workplace with high levels of social interaction, opportunities to relax, and amenities to eat and exercise, the increased rates of productivity, retention and satisfaction are exponential.

Do you want to improve your business relationships? Send an emoji! [INFOGRAPHIC]

A study by smartphone maker, OPPO has found that a quarter of Aussie professionals are regularly communicating using Emojis in the workplace, and it’s having a positive impact on their relationships.

This new start-up is here to bring Australia’s two million career mums back to...

Start-up FlexCareers, a fast-growing network connecting career mums with progressive employers offering flexible work, has formally launched out of beta

Here are the top ten reasons why your business needs a freelancer

Australian workplaces are changing. Businesses are increasingly hiring expert freelancers instead of full time staff in an on-demand economy that rewards speed and flexibility....

A new job is always a challenge, here is how to make life easier...

Every year year, nearly a quarter of the working population goes through some form of career transition. However, turnover is expensive, so it’s important that...

The case of the overstimulating workspace (Why “Nothing jangles a primate like crowding”)

One question – Where do you do your best thinking? – received the most surprising answer. Only around 10% of people responded “at work”. Consider this: people are paid to think, and are required to spend a lot of time at work, yet work is not the place where they think well.

Is Corridor Combat affecting your workplace?

Corridor combat: when two people who are not getting on well at work – pass each other in the corridor – each smiles at the other while muttering silently “F… you”.

The power of people management

It’s impossible to build a good company without knowing how to attract and secure top talent. But knowing how to keep them.... now there’s...