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Here’s a guide on wages. Yes, your own!

The five-year plan, the elevator pitch, and which swanky address for your new office when you've made it big. You've got everything figured out....

Why does this guy insist on manufacturing in China and yet many are abandoning...

A new trend has developed where many companies that have been manufacturing in China for some time are moving their operations to other countries...

In many countries, women still earn less than men. How does Australia rank?

In this week’s Talking Business Analysis, RMIT economist Alberto Posso talks about wages growth and the differential between male and female wages. He observes a sizable gender gap still exists in Australia and looks at some reasons that explain this disparity.

Dissecting the numbers on labour prices and inflation

RMIT economist Jonathan Boymal talks about the low wage price increases and cost of living increases.

China’s Global Competitive Advantage: the beginning of the end, or the end of the...

For three decades, we have all watched China grow into an economic powerhouse – slowly, at first, and now full-fledged – in an unprecedented, consistent, monotonic success story. However, its continued growth might be short-lived, writes Bill Fischer.