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This is a proven formula to achieve maximum ROI on your next video

You have probably heard of the old saying “a picture tells 1000 words”. This is very true. So, if a picture can tell 1,000 words then...

Five mistakes businesses make when attempting ‘viral’ videos [VIDEO]

Everyone in the video industry dreams of producing just one viral video!  You know, the one that gets millions of views around the world complete...

How a great video can sell almost anything, even a crappy car [VIDEO]

David Johns set out to sell his crappy 1999 Holden Barina. He thought the best way to showcase this awesome vehicle was not to write...

Every online marketer ought to check out Brightcove’s new suite of video marketing tools

Lately, video has quickly risen to become one of the most effective online marketing tools. In fact, it has been found that Australians spend almost...

Why YouTube ads win: The top 10 YouTube ads in 2013 [VIDEO]

2013 was a remarkable year for YouTube ads – the entertainment, soft-sell and educational ads have well and truly taken over, while blatant, sales...

Everything you need to know about video marketing and, why it’s so important

In the last few years, the use of video marketing has grown from a few businesses occasionally including it on their website, to an...

How to create and edit videos for the web [ACADEMY COURSE]

Anthill Magazine founder James Tuckerman is a prolific creator of short videos.

He doesn't have a production crew, he doesn't use fancy equipment and he doesn't spend thousands of dollars. Sure, his videos don't have the finesse or Spielberg or the polish of a Coke commercial but they demonstrate authenticity, build loyalty and deliver real commercial outcomes. Best of all most, most of his videos are filmed, edited and published in under an hour.
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How to build a YouTube empire, with Jim Stewart [ACADEMY COURSE]

Here’s a startling fact.

YouTube is now the world’s second biggest search engine, with over three billion videos viewed daily and 48 hours of video content uploaded… every minute! What are you doing to make your claim in the video marketing multiverse?
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How to craft an effective (and affordable) video for your business

Getting your business or product visible is now more affordable than in the past. Think beyond TV and website banners. With YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc., consumers are now happy to watch video online and on social media, so take advantage of these distribution channels. Distribution also is more affordable now with viral marketing a bonus possibility.