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Do you have an awesome app concept? There is an OzAPP Award waiting for...

Do you have a creative concept for a mobile, web or cloud app? Then how does this sound? An award from one of Australia’s...’s $10 million giveaway designed to give Australian kids coding education, and a future

The first 10,000 Australian students to sign up for the Learnable for Schools program, which kicked off 19 August, will get three years of free access to, a global online learning company that teaches computer coding. It means each student gets $1,000 worth of online coding services ranging from books, tutorials and counseling normally sold at $29 per month, or for $180 per year.

Rudd vs. Abbott. Playing on a social media near you.

As the political battle heats up ahead of the national elections this year, a Canadian software-maker has come up with real-time analytics on how it’s playing out on the all-important social media.

Can you imagine walking around with a camera crew… in your smartphone?

Ever since its invention, video has always been a powerful tool for communication. And, it looks like we could now harness this power even...

Keep your freebies, Aussie tweeps are not interested. So, what do they want then?

A study shows that Australians are far more likely to have a genuine interest in the brands they follow on Twitter than their counterparts...

The top five party-goer’s tips for how to use social media for business

Social media is about socialising and much of what works on the weekend will also work online. ServiceRage's ( analysis of more than 45,000 tweets to 65 Australian companies suggests that many of the best business tweeters use the same techniques that work at a real-life social occasion.

Why do SMBs shun Facebook, Twitter and all of the social media?

A Telstra survey of 1,000 SMBs found nearly three-quarters to be indifferent to the charms of Facebook, Twitter and the like, and 12% believing social media to be a business dampener.

Breaking news: Australian startup bought by Twitter for an undisclosed sum

Australian music startup We Are Hunted has been bought by Twitter for an undisclosed sum.

Learn how to use Twitter as a traffic generating, rapport building new business funnel...

In 90 minutes, learn how to create a self-managing, self-building Twitter prospect funnel. Don't be distracted. Don't let Twitter take over your life. Learn how to use the world's third largest social media platform as a business asset... not a confusing, pointless time-suck.

Rise of Social TV (Is there any other?)

Results of the second annual Yahoo!7 Social TV Survey are revealing of how Australians are watching television with nearly half with one hand on the social media, so to speak.

Ten steps to becoming a killer in-house social recruitment ninja

When you are recruiting to fill a position, your first and biggest concern is attracting the right candidates in the first place, right? However, it’s also the most expensive. So how do you attract the crème-de-la-crème without breaking the bank, while building a strong employer brand at the same time? Spinach maybe? No, leave that for Popeye.

Are you delivering a 5-star online user experience? If not, why not?

You launched a business website and then leaned back thinking, “Phew! Finally, I’m done!” Oh how wrong you were...

Social media for dummies, oops, financial advisors

Just how much social media does a financial adviser need? It’s a question that intrigues many other professionals too, as they come to terms with new realities of engagement with their clients, and an even larger number of potential ones.

11-year-old develops Trojan to steal game login information. Someone is so grounded!

In today’s world which is flooded with laptops, tablets and smartphones, kids become digitally fluent far earlier than previous generations. Now, AVG has found evidence that pre-teens are writing malware designed to steal login details from online gamers, both young and old.

Should we blame Twitter for the rolling coverage of every disaster? What should television...

Is the real-time coverage of every natural disaster an attempt by television news executives to try to be meaningful in the era of social media? If it is, then I don't think the strategy is working. Personally, I blame Twitter.

Hungry mouths and generous souls fund food truck location aggregator

The Samaritan site, if you will, just raised $11,000 via crowdfunding site Pozible, thanks perhaps to generous souls and hungry mouths. Unlike many crowfunding projects, donors to WhereTheTruck get nothing other than the assurance of quickly finding the trucks they want, and the promise to build an iPhone app.

Stand out of the crowd with crowd funding. Ironic huh?

So what the heck is crowd funding? Basically, this is how crowd funding goes. People come together, usually via the internet, pool their cash and inject it all together into an initiative by another person or organisation.

Stop using social media, be a social business instead

To be social means to be engaging, so what you need to do is actively create and maintain better connections with your customers, prospects, suppliers and employees. For example, your website states who you are and what you do, but on the hand a blog reveals your character as an organisation, what you think and believe in.

Hey mate, I need my money back. Do you know how many Aussies can’t...

It also found the majority of respondents (65%) were prepared to throw away at least $20 instead of having to chase a friend for the cash, with some saying they would even risk $100 to avoid the awkward follow-up. Money is tight for everyone right now but for some reason, Aussies still find it awkward, annoying, frustrating or even too risky for their friendships to chase friends for cash.

Is Facebook the soul of the new Australian mum?

Earlier this year, Mouths of Mums called the grocery-buying mum a myth and proceeded to offer another – the Price Princess, the one in constant pursuit of the best bargains. Now, MumsNow throws up another tantalising one: the Facebook Mum.


Five ways to manage your time by managing yourself, with Helen...

Finding the time to tackle everything is one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners. To help time-starved business owners work smarter and not harder, we spoke with Helen Ebdon. The director of Affirming Business and Executive Coaching, she’s a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at age 25. She’s built and run direct marketing and communications businesses and she’s also the creator of the Take 15 Program for business effectiveness.


The Alchemy of Negotiation with Matt Lohmeyer [FREE REPORT]

Negotiation is part and parcel of everyday life. Despite this, the idea of honing our negotiating skills doesn’t go down well with most of us. We fear that we’ll end up being manipulative, exploitative, scheming. To help us break the chains of this retrogressive mentality, we have Matt Lohmeyer. He has worked as a professional negotiator in various fields for over eight years and before that, negotiated deals with biotech pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In short, he’s an Alchemist in the Art of Negotiation.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...