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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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If you're going to give something away, you need to know what the value of it is and what your ROI is. Too many people are caught up in this 'giving stuff away for free and hoping money happens later' thing. I'm guessing that's because they're afraid of selling.

To maximise your export opportunity and increase your chances of success, it's important to focus your mind on what you want to achieve. That way, you'll have a clear vision to plan for and work towards. So, where to begin? Here are three steps to help you export like an expert.

"I want to make sure readers in Australia can buy online at the same price as readers anywhere in the world," said the CEO, Tony Nash.

"Risk" is a scary word. Most people view risks in a very negative light. Society constantly encourages us to avoid risk at all cost. A product represents a "health risk". A service puts you at "financial risk". If you drive this way you risk accident or death. Risk is bad, right?

Every business owner knows the importance of running a profitable and lean team, but when was the last time you took the pulse of...

A business plan is nothing without a well thought out strategy. In other words, the business plan should look beyond simply how you plan to work. Rather, it should provide a detailed road map to success.

Like many start-up businesses, you may consider mixing your name with your partner's name and come up with something like Jotom or Bevmax. Although that may mean something to you (and your partner), it says very little to your customers. Your business name should communicate what you 'do' or 'how' you do it.

Activities to foster innovation often focus on the sexy-subject of product innovation (including Anthill's SMART 100). According to Peter Bryant, innovation strategist and Senior Fellow of the Kellog Innovation Network, Australian businesses might be better off looking inward and using innovation as a tool to enhance operational efficiencies. It's time to think inside the box!

When aiming to generate media coverage for our start-up or business, we often get one thing wrong. It relates to our training as marketers. We are too targeted.

When attempting to understand 'how to write a business plan' it is often better to first ask, 'What is a business plan anyway?' You...

As the world wakes up to the danger and promise of global integration, Australia's business and political leaders have a choice. Will we content ourselves with surviving the storm, or will we use this opportunity to change the game by infusing intelligence into the systems that support our economy and our society?

Marketing is war, anyway you look at it. You are battling the enemy, your competition. You are battling to dominate the market. Marketing is combat, and for every combat you need a strategy. Tighten your helmet as Jordan Mullen guides you through the trenches.

Listen to Jordan Mullen's 'Marketin is War' podcast.

In mid-2008, we wrote about a clever Australian company called TrickyTix on the topic of Product Development. TrickyTix CEO Scott Handsaker provided us with the...

In mid-2008, we wrote about a clever Australian company called TrickyTix on the topic of Product Development. TrickyTix CEO Scott Handsaker provided us with the...

SPONSORED EDITORIAL As a business owner contemplating an exit, you need to be strategic but opportunistic. While your levers of long–term business value are your people,...

Footballers (or any sports people) have good form and bad form. Some are heroes and play to their optimum every single game. Some are inconsistent but sometimes brilliant. And others just fill the numbers. As entrepreneurs, we should aim to be like the footballer... not just a footballer in the league, but the Most Valuable Player - the MVP.

Everyone is a negotiator. Irrespective of your job title, rarely a day goes by in business when you are not negotiating something with someone,...

Over the past five years, Anthill has made a point of writing about new and effective ways of conducting business. The underlying message has...

You should treat networking as an extension of your current marketing and business development efforts. Below are a few tips for making it as painless and productive as possible:




Having an advisory board brings numerous benefits to the company when the advisory board is working effectively. Find out how one could help your business, with this free resource.


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