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Investors + SMEs + Advisers: Free Report

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Is your printer costing you more than it’s worth?

The digital age has loosened our reliance on paper, yet there are still many instances printing on paper is required. This can result in significant bottom-line costs for SMEs. Joel Montgomery offers some suggestions and tips for minimising your printer costs.

Which markets matter most to Australian exporters?

While our trade data is dominated by swings in the commodity cycle, some new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) tells us a little bit more about the Australian exporter community and how its members have been affected by the GFC.

Interest rates and small business pain

With recent interest rate rises, much talk has centred on how the increases are likely to affect families and mortgage repayments. However, the impact on small business owners and their cashflow shouldn’t be ignored.

A quarter of Aussie SMEs ill-prepared for Government’s Fair Work changes

A recent study revealed that one in four Australian SMEs were either inadequately prepared or not well informed about the Federal Government's new Fair Work industrial relations laws.

A quarter of Aussie SMEs ill-prepared for Government's Fair Work changes

A recent study revealed that one in four Australian SMEs were either inadequately prepared or not well informed about the Federal Government's new Fair Work industrial relations laws.

Your fear of raising your prices is costing you money

Most small business owners think that pricing low will win them more customers. This is simply supply and demand logic and there is an element of truth in it. However, there are some complicating factors that tend to make this strategy the least effective competitive strategy for business success.

Straight-forward steps to improve your business cashflow

Poor cashflow is the biggest killer of promising startups and SMEs. Here, Alan Sharfman provides some outlines some simple steps you can take to improve you cashflow situation.

Could SME business owners soon become the new media barons?

After reading Matthew De Silva's post yesteday on last month’s Media 2010 conference, I spent the evening thinking about the challenges facing old media. As I pondered, I was struck by a radical (yet logical) series of thoughts, leading to the following question. Could small business owners soon become the new media barons? Let me explain.

Finance for Small Business: Mission Impossible? (Five alternative options)

Funding and cashflow are the seemingly ever elusive crucial components to running a small business. With the banks being the most obvious source to approach, business owners often find this a frustrating and generally ‘closed-door’ option. David Hechtor looks at the alternatives.

Create a marketing campaign in 60 seconds

The complex and expensive world of professional marketing is an outsourced expertise that is mostly out of bounds to startups and SMEs. While many resources are available to the small business owner, it can also often come down to having the time to research and follow up on new ideas. This is where a novel product from Australian-based marketing company ChildsPlay Marketing can come in handy.

NSW launches scheme to help SMEs with funding and research access

Of note to NSW SMEs and public sector research organisations (PSRO) is the launch last week of the NSW government's TechVouchers scheme, a pilot...

I’m sick of Marketing Secrets (The problem with SME marketing)

I am bombarded daily by email, direct mail and print advertisements that are all promising to reveal the secrets of… well just about everything. ‘Zero budget marketing secrets’; ‘Free media exposure secrets’; ‘Sales secrets for those that hate cold calling’: the list goes on. They’re dragging us all down.

Top 5 business tips for surviving the holiday slowdown

The December and January period is normally a slow time for small-to-medium sized businesses, with most customers on holidays, suppliers operating on skeleton staff and budgets on hold. The Interface Financial Group’s David Hechter offers his top five tips for surviving the Christmas slowdown.

Show me the money

Unless you have deep pockets, your new venture is not going to get very far without a capital injection. Of course, different investment opportunities...

Australian small business is bullish in the China Shop

For years, Australian entrepreneurs dreamed of riding the Chinese dragon. Now, at last, Aussie SMEs are too busy wheeling and dealing in China to...

Small is still beautiful

Small is still beautiful…. when it comes to exporting, that is. That’s the word from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which estimates that...

Quicker, cheaper and easier patent protection

Innovation Patents were introduced in Australia in May 2001 in response to demand, largely from SMEs, for a type of intellectual property that would...

The SME software explosion

After years of coping with business software designed for large corporations or the small corner store, fast growth small-tomedium- sized enterprises (SMEs) are finally...

Research funding shake-up… worth a stir

The Research Collaboration Review, chaired by Mr Donald McGauchie and released last March, recommends funding changes to major public sector research agencies in an...




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...