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Building a better cardboard box [VIDEO]

Two engineering students believed that the cardboard boxes currently in use are wasteful, awful to pack and, in many instances, hard to open. So, what...

Personal branding 101: A lesson from the best regional ad from the Super Bowl

I'm sure you've seen some great regional ads when you've been out and about. But, this one, it's something special. It's certainly not amateur. In fact,...

Hold this cat. An interesting exploration of branding [VIDEO]

As a company name, HTC looks like a vague acronym. That's because it is. The company began life as High-Tech Computer Corporation in 1997....

How do you become the fastest growing eCommerce site in the history of the...

In it's two year history, has grown from nothing to a $700 million valuation. The site has 10 million registered members and sells in 26 countries. In the lead up to Christmas 2012, the site was achieving an average of $500,000 in sales a day. How do they do it?

Is this the beginning of a brand revolution? Is Alicia Keys really going to...

On a flight not that long ago, I sat next to someone who had a Blackberry 4 connected to Vodafone. I considered suggesting to him that two tin cans connected with a piece of string might work better. Perhaps that was a little harsh. Oh well.