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How did this guy’s bet with a co-worker turn into a successful six-figure business?

Destin Sparks had no interest in photography when he started out as a graphic designer and camera store salesperson. Surrounded by photography and camera...

This new concept storefront space in Brisbane is changing the face and future of...

In what could be one of the first steps into the future of retail, Brisbane’s newest concept retail and workshop space opened on Latrobe...

How did this Vietnamese fast food chain grow from one store to 15 in...

Bao Hoang and his wife had always discussed a need for an alternative to sushi. After countless compliments over the rice paper rolls (amongst many...

40,000 stores later, Bigcommerce is singing a happy song!

While there’s been a lot of talk about the big online retailers in Australia, barely a thing has been said about the small businesses...

Queensland funding, Artesian Venture Partners deal puts ilab on perfect orbit

ilab has scored a twin win over the past week. Queensland’s largest incubator and technology accelerator, established in 2000, won an additional two years of...

Want to see entrepreneurs in action? Join ilab’s Demo Day in Brisbane

Queensland’s largest incubator, ilab, is opening its doors to the public on its Demo Day, 3 May. Visitors will get a tour of the accelerator and the opportunity to interact with program participants and mentors.

The storm is over, the storm is over now! Seriously, SMEs are singing along...

The research found that 26% of SMEs expected the domestic economy to improve within 12 months, an obviously welcome increase from the 19% of the July 2012 report.

Queensland businesses thrown a digital lifeline by serial entrepreneur

Small businesses struggling to keep up with the digital age have been thrown another lifeline for 2013, with the Government funded Get Up To Speed program being offered once again. During 2012, over 380 business professionals across Queensland participated in the 12-week program, which is delivered entirely online, with some in person and virtual support offered from mentors.

Coffee. Can we ever have too much of it?

Right now, the average cost of a takeaway cappuccino in Australia is $3.47. On average, Australians are paying no more this quarter for their cappuccino than last quarter. The Gilkatho Cappuccino Price Index™ has slowed this quarter in comparison to the CPI, but still shows a marked increase on the CPI over the year.

Five lessons learned from nesting pigeons

A pair of pigeons has been through starting a nest, giving up on it and building a new one in a potentially dangerous and hostile environment. It has had one of its eggs lost or stolen, too. Still, the pair, undaunted, continues its march to the original goal. Isn't that a lesson worth sharing?

Five ventures, all winners. Yvette Adams wins more awards

Adams got a trophy, memorial plaque and cash prize for the Entrepreneurial Award. In addition, she will receive 12 months of mentoring from 10 of the top executives including those from Google, GBST and the Queensland government.

A revolution in nanotech helps create a new vaccine delivery system that could literally...

The Nanopatch, a revolutionary new needle-free device for delivering vaccines, has won a $15 million capital injection (pun intended), but also was an award winner at World Vaccine Congress. After eight years of research, the Nanopatch looks set to revolutionise vaccination delivery forever.

Serial entrepreneur helps QLD small businesses embrace the digital era

Queensland businesses that are not online have been given an opportunity to leap into digital era, with a state-wide program to help train businesses. Skills Queensland is running a state-wide program called "Get Up to Speed" for the next 12 months that is designed to help businesses embrace online.

Ethical food advocates demand ACCC investigate Coles and Woolworths. Are farmers and families being...

Australian local food pioneers Food Connect and CERES Fair Food have joined with the National Farmers Federation to call on the ACCC to break up Australia's supermarket duopoly and ensure a more just, equitable and sustainable food future for Australian families.

Company developing cataract-fighting drug wins 2011 Enterprize competition

A company pioneering a drug to delay cataracts from forming or slow their growth has won this year's $100,000 Enterprize competition. Adelaide-based Calpain Therapeutics' victory was announced earlier this month by University of Queensland Business School, which has run Australia's richest business-plan contest since 2000.

Don McKenzie, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Winner

After a spate of natural disasters, Queensland residents are no strangers to the insurance claims process. "I saw how much time and labour was wasted and thought, 'There's got to be a better way to do this,'" says Don McKenzie, 28, who started up the Stream Group in 2006 after a series of storms in Southeast Queensland.

Queensland biotech startup Vaxxas gets $15 million from venture funds

Vaxxas Pty. Ltd. has won a $15 million investment from venture groups led by OneVentures. Other investors include Brandon Capital Partners, the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund and U.S.-based HealthCare Ventures. Vaxxas is the first Queensland company to be funded under the Bio Capital Fund, which has swelled to nearly $250 million, established last year with the help of Health Care Ventures and Eli Lilly, among others. The investment was negotiated in the main by UniQuest Pty Limited, the University of Queensland’s main commercialisation company.

Brisbane’s innovation juggernaut keeps rolling, but how long? (Skilled labour shortages overtakes funding as...

Brisbane’s innovation engine is humming right now but could soon be spluttering for want of a key driver – skilled labour. At least that...

World leading environmental innovation developed by Australian company

If keeping tabs on the comings and goings of the weed-control world is your thing, then have we got news for you. Queensland-based vegetation and natural areas management company, Technigro, has developed a weed-control sprayer that corrals potentially dangerous chemicals in the area they were applied – not the atmosphere -- rendering the spray-and-pray approach *so* last season.

The waters may be subsiding but what would you do to keep your business...

Whether they were affected directly or indirectly, businesses everywhere are grappling with how the floods will influence their operations in the long run. Some are teetering with optimism, others are wretched with horror. How would you keep things ticking in times of disaster? Here are five top tips.



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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...