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Whether you’re looking to do an ICO or traditional funding, the mastery of being able to deliver a succinct, informative and compelling elevator pitch is essential to getting the right people interested in you.

Such ‘key people of influence’ are able to pitch ideas successfully and build the reputation of their companies. They become thought leaders and innovators, whose presence enhances an entire organisation.

Presentation skills are among the most important assets in a consultant’s communication toolkit, whether it’s pitching for new business, brainstorming ideas with a client or reviewing project results.

In this, the second episode from That Startup Show, you'll see pitches from: RWND, Andrew Cunningham ECHO Health, Alex Haggerty Minutely, Mark Parncutt And, a quick warning, there...

Jimmy Kimmel is a U.S. talk show host. He first came to my attention when his then girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, sang a song about...

Melbourne start-up Localz recently won entry into JLAB - the first ever incubator by Europe's leading omni-channel retailer John Lewis. You’re probably thinking, “So what?...

In June, the finalists for The Big Pitch by Oxygen Ventures pitched their businesses to the panel of judges. WeTeachMe and ECAL tied as winners,...

Every time one of the big dotcom players raises some mega bucks or gets bought for a zillion dollars, it becomes the analogy du...

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You're at a networking event. Somebody asks, "So, what do you do for a living?"

In this 40 minute course, Antony Gaddie will walk you through a personal branding and pitching technique that will immediately grab attention and secure demand for your business, your products, your skills, your services.
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All day, every day, we are pitching. It never stops. A dinner date is a pitch. Every conversation with a client is a pitch. Here are five tips on how to make your pitches more persuasive.

Just how easy can it be to secure a meeting with the CEO of a company, or any busy decision maker? In this video, Antony...

During 2012, we at BlueChilli studied over 2,000 pitches outlining various approaches, concepts and ideas. Some were weird, some were wonderful and yes, some were absolutely wacky as well. But only 1%, or about 20, made it.

Perhaps it's old age. Perhaps it's the heat of summer. Perhaps it's just that so many people are saying such annoying things. Here's a list of annoying business phrases that I prepared earlier.

Zaarly nailed its pitch at the L.A. Startup Weekend at the start of 2011. It won the weekends proceedings. But, more than that, within three weeks it had raised $1 million in funding from seasoned investors, including Ashton Kutcher. Here's a video of the winning pitch.

If you are starting a company and need to pitch your ideas, learn how to speak in public. So, with this in mind, you really feel for Cullen Dudas pitching at the TechCrunch Battlefield in New York in 2011. He is obviously very uncomfortable on stage. But, it's worse than that.

So, you've decided that 2013 is the year to launch your startup. Do you have your startup pitch ready?

You know how business builders often struggle to quickly explain what they do and end up frustrating (or boring) the person or audience they desperately wanted to impress? The Gaddie Pitch is a painfully simple pitching technique that can be mastered in minutes, providing business builders with the confidence and structure they need to get their message across. In fact, it's so simple that these three sentences provide an example of a Gaddie Pitch in practice. [WATCH THE VIDEO]

On 12 December 2012, Anthill Magazine's James Tuckerman recorded the following webinar with Daniel Priestley, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and the creator of the...

Hessex Solutions CEO, Boyd Walan has shared his pitch video in the Anthill GET PITCHING forum. Solar power is a complex issue to explain. In this video, Walan not only successfully explains the current pricing problems facing solar energy solutions, he also elegantly shows how Hessex Solutions has the answer.




Liz Wald is Vice President of International for Indiegogo.com. She has been terrifically successful raising funds through the crowd model.  One of her successes...