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Oxford University spinout Zegami has secured £1.25 million to transform how businesses deal with...

Zegami, the augmented intelligence company helping businesses unlock their data potential through visual data exploration, has raised £1.25M in equity funding....

This workplace training start-up has raised $4 million in pre-Series A funding

Investing further in GO1 was a no brainer. GO1 is the perfect example of a startup who absolutely gets it and is poised to grow rapidly all over the world into a leading provider of learning and management platforms.

Guess who’s coming for your job – will humans go the way of horses...

The idea that smart software will eventually begin to eat any job that consists primarily of tasks that are predicable requires only a fairly simple extrapolation that technology will only get better and better.

It turn out that designing a new saucepan is actually rocket science [VIDEO]

Dr Thomas Povey is a Professor of Engineering at Oxford University. While camping a few years ago, he got frustrated by how long it took...

Cookouts at Oxford and the quest for the ‘best sausage in the world’; how...

David Beak graduated from Oxford with second class honours but says it was at the exalted university that he mostly developed his twin passions – cooking and sport. When he then turned – rarely, perhaps, for an Oxford graduate but expectedly for the fourth generation of a family in the meat industry– to running Beak & Johnston Pty Ltd., he banked on his experience of cookouts, more than classroom learning.

A revolution in nanotech helps create a new vaccine delivery system that could literally...

The Nanopatch, a revolutionary new needle-free device for delivering vaccines, has won a $15 million capital injection (pun intended), but also was an award winner at World Vaccine Congress. After eight years of research, the Nanopatch looks set to revolutionise vaccination delivery forever.

Queensland biotech startup Vaxxas gets $15 million from venture funds

Vaxxas Pty. Ltd. has won a $15 million investment from venture groups led by OneVentures. Other investors include Brandon Capital Partners, the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund and U.S.-based HealthCare Ventures. Vaxxas is the first Queensland company to be funded under the Bio Capital Fund, which has swelled to nearly $250 million, established last year with the help of Health Care Ventures and Eli Lilly, among others. The investment was negotiated in the main by UniQuest Pty Limited, the University of Queensland’s main commercialisation company.