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Three things productive people do with the last hour of their day

We all know that starting your day right can be half the battle when it comes to being productive—and if you didn’t before, you...

Is this the world’s best calendar to organise your business? I think it might...

Everyone loves Lego. And, everyone has incredibly complex days of meetings, things to do and places to be. Design studio Vitamins wanted to create a calendar...

The lameness of lateness

Have you ever noticed how nobody seems to respect appointments? We only get one go at any point in time. Do you really want to spend it waiting for someone else? Take control!

Stay Interviews vs Exit Interviews

Exist interviews can rapidly devolve into something similar to a post-breakup inquisition. The disillusioned employee provides an autopsy of their disillusionment before a chastened ex-manager. Why not conduct ‘stay interviews’ to gauge and, if necessary, mend the attitudes of still-engaged employees?

Succession planning for strategic success

Like the royal successions that have taken place for centuries, succession planning is all about being ready for the future. However, unlike the monarchy, today’s succession planning in business not only focuses on replacing talent, but also on developing the talent that will fulfil the organisation’s long-term goals. Is your organisation prepared for a changing of the guard?

Tunnel Talk: Managing Hierarchies

Human beings are extremely sophisticated animals. But are we really that different from our tree-dwelling primate ancestors? With the global economy biting and organisations scrutinising their structures for inefficiencies, it’s worth considering the impact our biology has on leadership dynamics.

Get productive. Start working on your “not-to-do” list.

The human desire to work more effectively pre-dates the pyramids. Entire forests have been razed in the production of roadmaps to boosting personal organisation...

Strategy: The importance of culture

Every organisation has a culture. Spend time observing the day-to-day goings on within, say, a medical practice, a law firm, an airline and a fast food franchise, and you will notice some stark differences. While each business might have common objectives - serving clients, generating profits - it is very likely they go about these objectives in vastly different ways.

Strategy: Building an adaptive enterprise

Last issue we examined the potential impact that accelerating change, cyclical volatility and emerging technologies can have on even the most well-researched business plan....
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Five essential ingredients for a humming homepage with James Tuckerman [FREE...

Most homepages dedicate too much of their valuable space to predictable and generally unhelpful information, such as the purpose of the business, their products and services, their achievements and needy invitations to ‘buy, buy, buy’ or ‘contact us for a free consultation on no obligation quote’. Effective homepages focus on the needs and wants of the customer.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...