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Another blow to Australian online retail. For shoppers without borders, the U.K. beckons.

Ever since the Australian dollar attained parity with its American equivalent 16 months ago, the market dynamic has transformed. Besides its fundamental impact on the broader Australian economy, it has led to changes in consumer behavior as foreign goods became cheaper. It opened up the floodgates for imports, giving rise to specialised sites such as Online Shopping USA that help Australians navigate the tricky global online shopping market.

Ei Sabai Nyo, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer

Ei Sabai Nyo's entrepreneurial rise may have coincided with the soaring Australian dollar, but that doesn't mean the one is pegged to the other. The dollar, however, has much to do with Online Shopping USA, a site that's built on the premise that Aussies, with greater buying power, will acquire more American goods if they're easy to access. The site, which Nyo launched earlier this year, catalogues the most upscale accessories from various online retailers based in the US, some of which offer free or discounted shipping to Australia.

Earn Australian, buy American? Shop USA startup pins hopes on soaring Australian dollar

Soon, Harris and Nyo also discovered an even more significant financial fact that further raised their hopes of building a successful business: the average mark-up on most apparel and footwear at most Australian retail stores is a high 142%, making online overseas shopping even more attractive. Thus was born Online Shopping USA, an online American mall, if you will. Now, is Online Shopping USA a threat to High Street retailers in Australia?



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