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Offshore staffing is game changer for SMEs: Part Two

The key to successful, dedicated offshore staffing is effective communication. When hiring local staff, would you turn them loose on their first day with little supervision, training and support? I would expect you’d have some sort of induction program in place. The same rules apply to offshore staffing.

Offshore staffing is a game changer for SMEs: Part One

Entrepreneurs' and small business owners' access to offshore contractors and staff is, I believe, one of the most significant game changers in the last 30 or 40 years. The internet has opened markets and modified business processes for SMEs. With fast broadband internet connection now easily accessible in many corners of the world, the opportunity to access offshore virtual staff drives benefits to a whole new level.

Inshore, offshore… which shore? Have you heard of in-sourcing and near-shoring?

Over the past fifteen years, outsourcing has been an increasingly common practice allowing businesses to reduce costs and therefore pour resources into growth. However, with the upheaval of the last eighteen months, business as usual has seen its foundations shaken and reshaped. Is outsourcing still the best option, or should businesses be trying to claim more of the value chain for themselves? Should they still be offshoring, or will nearshoring bring greater profits in the future?



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