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Submit your nominations now for the 2011 NSW ICT Entrepreneur Awards!

Last year, the Pearcey NSW ICT and Digital Media Entrepreneur awards celebrated much talent, including that of Lars and Jens Rasmussen for the pinnacle award. The awards are back and the committee needs some nominees!

ME Bank to suspend repayments for members affected by Queensland floods

ME Bank will waive fees and suspend repayments for customers whose homes and businesses have been damaged in the Queensland and NSW floods. In addition to donating $50,000 to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal, the bank will apply its Customer Hardship Policy to members that require financial relief as they rebuild their lives.

Your chance to tell the NSW Government what you really think.

This question was presented with an offer to voice my views and suggestions at the next SBDC board meeting on Thursday 21 September. Now, as many Anthill readers probably know, I'm not based in NSW. So, I don't feel qualified to answer. But I do know that close to 40% of Anthill readers do live in NSW. As such, I'm turning the question to you. If you have a suggestion for the SBDC, this is your chance to tell the PTBs (powers-that-be) what you think.

Frank Terenzini congratulates Tech23 Innovation winners

Yesterday, saw the NSW Minister for Small Business, Frank Terenzini, congratulate the winners of the second annual Tech23 Business Innovation Awards, an event organised by Slattery IT with support from the Australian Technology and Innovation Pathways programs from Industry & Investment NSW

University of Sydney PhD students score $57 million contract to create military robots

Marathon Robotics, a Sydney-based robotics company founded by three University of Sydney PhD students, has won a $57 million contract with the United States Marine Corps to trial its "Rover" robotic system as a live-fire marksmanship training utility.


Our idea came about while we were waiting outside a women's clothing store for our girlfriends and we saw the same cars circling the block looking for parking. Having been frustrated at the inability to make informed decisions when finding a parking space -- and more than often walking past a better alternative on our way to our destination, we decided that it was about time someone found a better way! Digging into the parking space we realised that the rates vary dramatically and are not geographically dependent so we developed a rate comparison tool to allow for custom results.

QlikView by Inside Info (SMART 100)

A bright idea in response to a customer’s need to analyse multi-dimensional data, led to the development of a new type of business intelligence (BI) software by QlikTech in Sweden in 1993. They called this new software QlikView because it provided a point-and-click simple way to view data. QlikView is now a global phenomenon and delivered to Australia by Inside Info since 2003. The founders of Inside Info could see that the time, cost and complexity of traditional BI software was underwhelming. They chose to change this, developing QlikView applications that greatly simplify how businesses measure and analyse business performance.

myAnswers (SMART 100)

We discovered that the keywords we were using to deliver self-created (text) content could be treated as 'managed interaction objects'. Or in simple terms, keywords could be embellished with logic to allow a mobile user to perform fairly complex but identifiable tasks and functions, by effectively proxying a user of existing system interfaces. From this point it quickly developed where keywords come together to create an 'answerSpace'. The keywords provide structure to the browsing, enquiry and resulting information for users of mobile devices, to access common or high demand elements of an organisation's web and business systems.

Young Entrepreneurs' Night Out

Meet and learn from other young business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from a panel of business builders. And most importantly of all, help us build a culture of entrepreneurship in NSW!

Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out

Meet and learn from other young business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from a panel of business builders. And most importantly of all, help us build a culture of entrepreneurship in NSW!

Australian Innovation Festival 2010 gears up for national and state launches

The 2010 Australian Innovation Festival celebrates its ninth anniversary by again focusing on the 4Cs of Innovation -- Creativity, Connections, Collaboration and Commercialisation. This year’s Festival theme “Building Sustainable Businesses” highlights the importance of innovation during this period of regeneration from last year’s global economic uncertainty.
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Generating Web Traffic with Mark Middo and James Tuckerman [FREE REPORT]

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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...