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Let’s get this party started! The beginner’s guide to hosting a startup business event

Throwing a fantastic startup bash is certainly a great way to announce the presence of your business to the world, but packing a room full of people when your business is still in the early stages of development can be a challenge.

Don’t believe the hype: debunking three common myths about business networking

Many scoff at networking, dismissing it as manipulative – using others to become more successful. Others believe networking is for the Donald Trumps of the world – those born into wealth and privilege who can use money and social clout to sway others to their will. Networking is neither of those.

8 tips on building a successful service business from a woman who owns one

Pulse Marketing agency founder and MD Lauren Fried reveals the eight steps she took to create a successful service business ... that now runs itself.

A recipe for rural success: How to build a business when you don’t live...

More and more, networking and support groups are being setup in regional and rural areas as home based business and small business become more attractive.

You are your inner circle: Why you need to surround yourself with dream-makers and...

Who you surround yourself with – both at work and away from work – is very important. The journey to business success can be long...

Losing steam? Here are five ways to supercharge your business to new levels

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who believe business should be dynamic. Here are 5 tips on how to boost your business to new levels.

December is business planning time. Get these six things done before you pop the...

If you are in B2B and you’re not busy hustling and business planning this December, you’re missing out.  That´s right, if you treat this holiday...

Watch out for the fastest growing movement of women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs, it seems, are no longer interested in joining the 'boys club' when it comes to the business of networking. And why should...

Six tips every startup founder needs to know before they actually start

You don’t have any clients, and all the potential clients out there don’t know who you are. You’ve got an office, a computer and...

The power of connections and how they can transform a business [VIDEO]

This is an interview of Porter Gale, the former VP of Marketing at Virgin America. She's being interviewed by another stellar name in all...

B2B marketing and social media: how to get valuable insights into your market [VIDEO]

If you're in the B2B space, you probably already used LinkedIn to understand your industry, identify thought leaders and people you want to do...

Networking. It’s not about working the room. Learn how to make meaningful connections [VIDEO]

For some people, the term 'networking' is a dirty word. Either you hate doing it, especially for those who are introverts. Or, you've been given...

Five ways to keep the winter from freezing out your business’ engine

As the mid-winter mark passes, now is a perfect time for you, as a business owner, to start warming up your business’ engine in...

Here’s how to deliver the perfect pitch in three easy sentences. Re-discover the Gaddie...

You know the moment. You've just met someone at a conference. You shake hands and introduce yourself. Your new friend describes their circumstances and you...

Seven insider tips for making event sponsorship into a marketing success story for every...

Event sponsorship should be treated like every other marketing activity. It's not enough to simply sponsor an event, you have to have a strategy to make it work for you. Here's how.

Five things we learned from Super Connect September

Back in September, my MailGuard colleague Kevin Reed and I popped along to Super Connect September – a marketing and networking event jointly hosted by Anthill and Green Ant Marketing. We didn’t know what to expect as we stepped out into the unknown but we were on the hunt for some juicy marketing insights.

Are you a winner or a loser?

The wise words of Rosabeth Moss Kanter ring true for every entrepreneur: Everything can look like a failure in the middle. But winners must lose some of the time. How do you know if you, or your company, is a winner or a loser?

Do you think you’re a good networker? Four simple tips for effective networking

Just because you network with hundreds of people each week doesn’t mean you’re a good networker. It really comes down to whether you’re doing it correctly. Are you building trust and creating meaningful relationships, or are you making people uncomfortable each time you open your mouth?

Most underrated marketing tip: Networking

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. In today’s business world, there is more competition than ever. Networking is becoming a fundamental skill to promote your business, its expertise and ultimately its growth.

Monique Jeremiah, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer

Monique Jeremiah owns and operates Exceptional Group, a tuition, training and employment company on the Gold Coast. Many of her clients are university undergrads or college students who need a boost in their grades or business acumen, or simply a spit-shine to their resume.