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Whatever you do, don’t use Comic Sans … or, should you? [VIDEO]

Comic Sans. It's the most hated font ever. Apparently, it is the second most complained about thing on Twitter, just behind Justin Beiber but, ahead...

Branding Bill Gates style: How can a startup build a brand? You need more...

What is a brand? To be clear about what we mean by brand - it is more than a mark emblazoned upon your butt. It...

DesignCrowd hits the $10 million mark. Yep, crowdsourcing is here to stay

Hey, do you remember when we told you to stand out of the crowd with crowdsourcing? Well, it seems our words did not fall...

How to make a brand statement and how not to. Apple vs Microsoft [VIDEO]

Apple vs Microsoft. It's an ongoing war since, well, the 1970s. Two major technology companies, both wildly successful and both incredibly different. Just one point of difference...

It’s not what you are doing, it’s why you are doing it that will...

This is the seventh most watched video from TED, and there is a good reason for that. Why is this one worth watching? In it,...

Nine of the world’s top 10 brands are crowdsourcing. So umm… what are you...

At Interbrand, there are 3 factors considered in assessing brand value. The first is the brand’s financial performance. The second is its influence on...

Mobile Facebook app to raise cancer funds and awareness wins alive’s Appathon

The Nelune Foundationemerged the winner at mobile application developer alive’s Appathon contest. Or, perhaps, the duo of Katie Chan and Matthew Farag that created the mobile app to help the cancer centre raise funds and build awareness. Clearly, it was win-win in what might have been the first hackathon for nonprofits in the country.

How deep is your love? I really need to know, because we’re living in...

Sing the headline in your best falsetto Bee Gees voice. How deep is your love for your smart phone?

alive’s Appathon to help non-profit organizations craft mobile strategy

Here's a hackathon with a difference. alive, a mobile application developer, has come up with an Appathon that should be win-win for two groups – six nonprofits seeking to boost their mobile profile and contestants who will win an opportunity to work alongside alive’s development team to bring their ideas to life, not to mention some other unnamed prizes as well.

Pollenizer raises $1.1 million, eyes expansion in South East Asia

“This latest round of capital shows Australian investors are beginning to realise what global investors have known for some time, that Australian technology startups offer high investment value,” said Pollenizer CEO Phil Morle.

Let’s take a quick look into the future: Gartner’s vision of technology in 2013...

It’s that time of the year when Gartner reveals what its star analysts foresee for technology’s future next year and further on, notably the one that inhabits the corporate world. What the world’s leading corporate technology think tank says matters a lot because it can move minds, not mention millions of dollars in big-ticket technology purchases.

How to get your Google back [VIDEO]

Did you upgrade to Windows 8? Are you missing your Google apps and Chrome? Well, Google have done a little bit of sly marketing to help you get your Google back.

How Connecting Up is putting Not-for-Profits up in the cloud

United States-based TechSoup Global conducted an international research survey to provide insight for the NFP sector. The project was facilitated by TechSoup Global’s partner for Australia and New Zealand, Connecting Up. The study found that 66% of Australia’s NFPs will likely be operating from the computing cloud. This will put NFPs at league with say, seemingly everyone else in the world, all of whom are going the cloud-computing way these days.

The life of Steve Jobs (No Bill Gates here)

The value of this work lies in its ability to attract a completely new set of readers, when compared with other books on Jobs. Let me cite a personal experience. My nine-year-old daughter, who uses the iPad on a daily basis, was struck by the design of this graphic novel. She then proceeded to pick up and read it with fair interest. As far as I can tell she is able to appreciate Jobs’ life in her own way.

Bank creates a secure digital safety locker in the cloud!

A Commonwealth Bank survey came up with an interesting number – 2.2 hours. This is the average time each Australian spent in searching for receipts and supporting documentation for their tax returns. The number adds up to a huge 1,800 “lost” years for the nation.

The US ‘incubator’ craze comes to the rescue of Australian start-ups, super hero style

Leading Australian business strategist, commentator and author Kerwin Rae believes the ‘incubator’ craze gathering momentum in Australia could stem the flow of local talent leaving our shores. Meanwhile, the federal government is becoming increasingly aware that they must do something or we face economic collapse within our economy as SMEs make up such a huge portion of GDP. If SMEs fail, we fail.

Seeking intelligence on digital startups, Mi9 joins hands with Pollenizer

Mi9’s Product Innovation team would drive this partnership and has the “remit to grow the group’s ventures portfolio.” Part of this process would involve sifting through Pollenizer’s startups and accelerating those with new digital products. Mi9 also will have the option to invest in these new digital businesses.

Microsoft joins the corporate chatter as companies go social

Yammer’s got some great numbers. Its software is used by five million people at 200,000 companies, nearly 85% of the Fortune 500 companies. What's more, reports suggest Yammer reached seven-figure revenues at least two years ago. But will it be the answer to Microsoft's social ambitions?

Adelaide steals a march in 2012 ANZ Innovyz Start

The 10 successful startups will get up to $18,000 each ($6,000 for each founder), free rent and tuition, besides at least $85,000 in free perks offered by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and others. The program starts in Adelaide on May 28, with 45 mentors from Australia and around the world.

Is Microsoft merely flirting with Or can it get serious?

Facebook is the default social site of the world. With 900 million members, it would be the third largest “country” in the world, behind only China and India. In comparison, Google+, a late and weak effort from the search giant, is a “ghost town.” So where does Microsoft, the giant that likes to sleep in, fit into the picture?