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The seven deadly sins of business that you must avoid to be a success

In the words of Heidi Klum – in fashion one day you’re in and the next you’re out ... The same apply for businesses. One...

Your boss must NOT read this or, you will have a lot of explaining...

Are you an employee? Well, we are about to snitch you to your boss. A major survey recently released by the Australian Institute of...

Can a dress teach us about finding a purpose? Or, why your company needs...

Think of your organisation as a dress shop. Now, why are you in business? Are you out there to sell clothes? Run a supply chain?...

Should you take it personally when staff leave? Are exit interviews a chore or...

So you run that exit interview when a valued employee walks out the door. But then what? It is a question many bosses find hard...

How to master the secret skills of the ‘growth hacker’ [ACADEMY]

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Schwerpunkt: Be at the point of action not wandering in the wilderness

It’s easy to forget what the most important thing in your business is. And, it turns out that we can learn a lot from modern history about how to run a business at this exact moment in time.

Five things you must know to nail your business goals in 2013

Are you finding business tough? Is the struggle to get ahead becoming an uphill climb? Want to achieve more but have no idea where to start? Well, I have just what you need. Playing a bigger game in business is easier than you think. Put these five tips in your arsenal and you won’t miss a single target.

Like a boss! Or, how to handle being a leader

The move to a new role is a challenge for anyone, including your team, and there is often the temptation to continue doing the work you used to do as well as take on the new role. As much as you feel you want to follow what your boss is expecting from you it is your skill in managing yourself, as well as both up and down here that will set you free.

The 6-step guide to SME success this silly season

The weeks leading up to Christmas may be demanding for shoppers, but they’re even more so for business owners and their staff. Now is the perfect time to plan for this busy period to increase the likelihood of a successful and happy selling season.

What can training do for business? Surveys says: a whole lot!

Technical skills are essential to a job, be it IT-related or elsewhere. But, simply knowing how to perform a techie function is no longer the endgame for personal development in the modern world of business. The most effective people are the ones practicing sound management and excellent communication bolstered not only by experience, but by training as well.

How to stop your business from continuously leaking money

This may sound like a broken record, but if you do not have a clear business plan, you are already setting yourself up for failure. A business plan could be just a couple pages long that describes what you would like to do and how you would want to do it. The important thing is that it will show how much you are willing to spend and how much profit you are planning to make and how long you plan on surviving before you break even. A business plan is like a road map not a prediction of the future.

Half of Australian workers have pulled a sickie. Eight in ten will do it...

54% of Australian workers admit to falsifying sick days in the last 12 months. 73% of those admit they do not feel guilty. Whilst 82% of employees who take sickie days say they will do it again. I bet many of you will be summoned to explain yourselves when your bosses read this.

Tired of having your million-dollar ideas stolen? There’s a new sheriff in town just...

With the prevalence of digital media and online sharing, an Australian company, Veridocx, has launched a cost effective way for people to protect their intellectual property and digital files.

Why stand-up meetings suck [VIDEO]

While I am all for short, sharp meetings that actually achieve something, stand-up meetings tend to suck. Mainly because they tend not to be a comedic performance by all who attend. So, what can you do if your stand-up meetings suck? Here are a few helpful suggestions.

Expert says the workplace bullying blame game is bleeding millions out of the economy

“If we are to truly address the problems associated with workplace bullying and its cost to the economy, we need to broaden our focus beyond punitive measures and how we deal with incidents once they have occurred,” Dr Gutierrez said.

Six tips for entrepreneurs who are afraid to let go of responsibility

Remember, the longer you try to control everything with your own two hands, the longer you are condemned to keep doing it. Realise your controlling ways and set yourself up to manage through others and watch your life get simpler.

Could your website’s terms and conditions turn into your one way ticket to jail?

The ACCC’s one day crack down on website T&Cs should just be a reminder to business owners that not protecting themselves against legal liability could bring heavy fines. Is your website in the cross hairs?

5 tips that will change your customer service into a memorable experience

When researching to start up Bubbler Deals I saw a clear need for a customer service focused deal site. Pretty much everyone I spoke to told me of a bad experience they had purchasing from a deal site. The industry was fast losing the trust and respect of their members – their reason for being.

Why planning for IP ownership is critical for your business, and your sanity

What happens when you are sitting down with your supplier, customer or contractors, discussing business or a project or a product idea and in the course of the discussion some valuable new intellectual property (IP) is identified? It's an inevitable scenario that can arise almost anytime you have a group of bright and innovative people gathered for a meeting.

New personal liability laws puts company directors directly in the spotlight

Directors of struggling companies will have to act earlier on unpaid super and PAYG if they are to avoid tough new personal liability penalties, warns an insolvency expert. Don’t say we did not warn you.



Four Page Digital Marketing Strategy [FREE RESOURCE]

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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...