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Learn how to use Twitter as a traffic generating, rapport building new business funnel...

In 90 minutes, learn how to create a self-managing, self-building Twitter prospect funnel. Don't be distracted. Don't let Twitter take over your life. Learn how to use the world's third largest social media platform as a business asset... not a confusing, pointless time-suck.

Online Marketing Masterclass is back! [SYDNEY, BRISBANE, MELBOURNE]

Do you have a desire to get better returns from your website? Are you properly exploiting social media? This is your chance to get the foundations right.


In 90 minutes, learn three techniques to turn your website into a prospect generating machine. The Master Business Bake Up series is a cooking class... for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can 'cook' on the day, in under 90 minutes, or take back to your business and implement later. [REGISTER FOR THE LIVE EVENT]


In 90 minutes, learn how to create a self-building, largely self-managing Facebook lead funnel. The Master Business Bake Up series is like a cooking class... for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can 'cook' on the day, in under 90 minutes, or take back to your business and implement later. [REGISTER FOR THE LIVE EVENT]

Australia’s most ‘remarkable’ companies go wild at the 7th annual Cool Company Awards

The Coolest Company accolade was awarded to app developer Budge for creating a way to make gaming meaningful. “When is losing fun? When charities win,” said Tuckerman.

Online marketing: Easier with MailChimp integration, and affordable

The year-old U.S. startup, has focused on providing an intelligent dashboard service for small businesses that don’t have the financial resources for expensive software, or the time to analyse online marketing campaigns. Its advisor, especially for the Australian market, is our own James Tuckerman, Anthill’s publisher.

Who will own the future of media? If it’s not Fairfax, could it be...

It's been an unhappy week for Fairfax shareholders. And a disconcerting one for traditional media proprietors. No-one can deny that something bigger is at play. However, with every new disruption there is opportunity. So, who will own the future of media?

How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in your...

On 13 JUne 2012, Anthill Magazine's James Tuckerman recorded the following webinar. The topic: How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in your underpants [One Hour]

[WEBINAR] How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in...

James Tuckerman is a self-confessed "lazy business owner". He's a passionate seeker of "cheats" -- shortcuts to help him get more done in less time. In this webinar, he will reveal how he automates lead generation and the tools he uses to attract business... in his underpants... while he sleeps.

What’s the future of media, and what are you doing in Rupert Murdoch’s pajamas?...

What's the future of the media industry, and what does it have to do with silk pajamas? Anthill Editor-in-Chief James Tuckerman joined two other captains of the industry in a freewheeling discussion. Their answer to the first half of the question: It's bright. The second half? Read on.

Need to unlock your cash flow? Here’s a 7-point plan [VIDEO]

Peter Chambers, an independent consultant for Australian SMEs, talks to Anthill about how businesses can use a seven-point plan of attack to unlock cash flow so the funds can be used to invest in things such as innovation.

Got bad debtors? Colin Porter’s CreditorWatch helps SMEs steer clear of late payers [PODCAST]

Bumpy roads have had a common topography for SMEs during the economic downturn. Businesses that press forward on thin or uncertain margins can ill afford clients who refuse to pay their debts. And that's where Colin Porter's CreditWatch comes in.

Al Jazeera adds to social media’s powerful role in Middle East uprisings [PODCAST]

Anthill talks to Riyaad Minty, director of social media for Arab network Al Jazeera, about the powerful role of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the recent anti-government uprisings in the Middle East.

Bunchball takes the tools of digital gamers and applies them to marketing campaigns [PODCAST]

Gamification is a new buzzword that describes the use of digital games' engagement tools -- badges, levels, power-ups and the like -- to drive a marketing program or to motivate employees or students. In an podcast interview with Anthill Editor-in-Chief James Tuckerman, Rajat Paharia talks about how gamification works and how Bunchball is applying it for some big-time clients.

All jokes aside, The Onion and Baratunde Thurston take a ‘layered’ approach to social...

He's a technology geek and a political junkie. He's done stand-up comedy and describes himself as "a smart, funny and extremely handsome dude". He also holds the too-cool title Director of Digital for satirical news empire The Onion (which recently sported this headline: "Anthropologists Trace Human Origins Back to One Large Goat.") Ah, it's good to be Baratunde Thurston.

Chill out, Red Bull: Australian unveils Esc, the anti-energy youth beverage [PODCAST]

The youth beverage market is filled with energy drinks designed to ward off sleep, promote bloodshot eyeballs and make your leg bounce uncontrollably. Young Australian entrepreneur Chad Yesilova had no intention of going there. He turned the idea on its head with Esc, the anti-energy drink. (Apparently, it includes 'weed' of some kind?)

Jack Matthews on the future of Fairfax Digital [PODCAST]

As CEO of Fairfax Digital, the online arm of Fairfax Media, Jack Matthews has been steering the Australian news giant since 2006 (when internet journalism was still an afterthought for most publishing houses). Matthews says in the interview that while advertising still drives of the bulk of Fairfax's revenues, he is aware that media companies are experimenting with the sales of good and services.

In business, put passion first, says Nathan Wakeford of Somage Foods [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Nathan Wakeford has an approach to business -- and life -- that's as smooth and evocative as a cup of one of his Somage Foods drinking chocolates. "Don't waste your time by doing anything than what you're passionate about," he says in an illuminating video interview with Anthill.

SMART 100 Mavens 2010

So, who were these 'intense gatherers of information and impressions'? Who were these people described as among 'the first to pick up on new or nascent trends and share them'? Introducing our maven judges for 2010.

Hey Baby-Boomers… We are sick of your ‘booming’. (Why young entrepreneur programs are NOT...

As a Master of Throwing Rocks, I understand why boomers might want to attack young entrepreneurship programs. But if these loud-mouths can forget about unfair for a moment (yes, it’s not nice losing your place as the centre of attention), they might learn why programs of this type are so important.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...