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IP 101

Editor’s note: We often jump straight into the minutia of intellectual property affairs on this page without sufficient regard for those of you who...

R&D commercialisation under siege?

Surely the commercialisation of our world-class R&D is in the public interest. So why do we circle warily around the intellectual property that is...

R&D commercialisation under siege?

Surely the commercialisation of our world-class R&D is in the public interest. So why do we circle warily around the intellectual property that is...

How to conquer six life and death business scenarios

Life is rarely predictable. So why would business be any different? Paul Ryan and Jodie O’Keeffe square up to a meteor shower of corporate Kryptonite and figure out how to dodge commercial doom. Cyber-attack, idea theft, competitor outsourcing, cash-flow crises, disruptive innovation and fraud. Take a deep breath, assess risk, consider your options…and never turn your back on a clear blue sky.

IP litigation

You might be feeling pretty good about yourself because you've secured your intellectual property. But the reality is, a patent or trademark is not...

Counterfeiting – a global problem

Counterfeiting is rife in Australia and many people who would consider themselves law-abiding are involved. We're not talking counterfeit currency here, but the manufacturing, importation...

Intellectual property

If you're like most people, you've probably already had that world-changing idea, but never acted on it. If your company is like most others,...

Patently Aggressive

Your IP is registered, but that’s no guarantee your livelihood is safe from harm. Without enforcement, those patent and trademark certificates aren’t worth the...

Legal: Great brands – treat them right

So, you've selected a great brand and have started to build consumer awareness and loyalty in it. And, of course, you've done the right thing to protect your rights in the brand by registering it with IP Australia. Your work is finished. Right?

Handout mentality

I just don't get the handout mentality. A friend of mine is doing his Doctorate. His research institution and the university will own any IP generated, and he is immensely grateful for the modest stipend that he is surviving on throughout this process.

Intellectual property

We love stories of simple ideas making millions: think Post-it Notes, Frisbee and eBay. Ideas need nourishment and protection as they move from R&D...

Escrowing your intellectual property overseas

Offshore intellectual property transactions, generally, include an element of escrowing. Whether an intellectual property owner is involved in a licensing, franchise, reseller, distribution, partnership, joint...

Intellectual capital – the hidden assets of your business

The past 20 years has seen increased recognition of the role that intangible assets play in contributing to a company’s value. This is demonstrated...

Mervyn Jacobson: The alchemist

Mervyn Jacobson is the richest man in Eden. He is the Executive Chairman of Melbourne-based biotech company, Genetic Technologies (GTG), which controls patents on 95 percent of your DNA. Once considered ‘junk’, because it lacks genetic coding, this vast area of the genome is now known to contain markers indicating our susceptibility to some of life’s most devastating diseases. GTG is cashing in on everyone else’s myopia and many in the calculating world of science are fast discovering their moral outrage.

Exporting IP… trader beware

The US-Australia Free Trade agreement has got everyone talking. Like it or loathe it, smart companies are reading the fine print. They are doing...