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Here are 4 powerful collaboration examples that you can use to propel brand growth

With that being said, collaboration marketing is an alternative way for brands both large and small to achieve their business goals by looking for smart ways to drive growth. That means, working with each other—and the key to this is looking for business synergy by creating win-win scenarios.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”...

Furthermore, the fact that around one quarter of business owners don’t know where to start with their planning process is damning. A simple framework can be built around the basic premise of “Now, Where, How”

Instagram for Business… in 12 steps [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

This FREE INFOGRAPHIC will teach you how to effectively work through these restrictions to maximize the benefits of your business usage of Instagram.

While most businesses struggle with succession, this new CEO pulled off 40 per cent...

Most founders who have worked hard to build highly successful businesses struggle with handing over ‘their baby’ to a new CEO when looking to...

Growing up global: Meet Owen Kerr, CEO of Pepperstone [VIDEO]

I recently chatted to Owen Kerr, who is CEO of Australian forex broker Pepperstone. Pepperstone is a hot business in a fast growing space....

How to rediscover fast business methods: Meet Tim Reed, CEO at MYOB [VIDEO]

I recently interviewed Tim Reed, CEO at MYOB. As we talk about in this interview, MYOB has been through quite a journey over the...

6 secrets to scaling successfully that every start-up owner should keep in mind

The only way to scale successfully is for your business to not be completely dependent on you. If your business relies on you 24/7, if...

How to sail the 7Cs to grow your international business

For many businesses and business owners, change can feel both exciting and challenging. For some, it feels downright daunting. However, what is universally true is...

Blackbird Ventures is singing pretty with $25 million for early stage investments

Blackbird Venctures, the Sydney based venture capital firm, has raised a $25 million tranche of cash to invest into early stage startups. If you’re an...

Three reasons why growing your business is like creating a snowflake [VIDEO]

Your business, whether it's big or small, starting up or decades old, is like a snowflake. Why? 1. It's unique There is no other business out there...

What’s your exit strategy? Snapchat wouldn’t sell for $3 billion, would you?

The question is probably not “would you?” but “could you?” Of course, the average SME owner can never achieve these crazy valuations. Instead, most lose...

Handy hints and sure-fire ways to kill growth and, possibly your company

How often at work do you hear, "that won't be easy", "that won't be simple", "this will be really complicated and hard", "not sure...

Seven things you probably didn’t know about accessing Government funds

Did you know that there are over 600 government grants and other types of assistance available to your business? Or, that much of the...

How I grew my business from zero to 30,000 members in four weeks: Nish...

So, you're running member based sales site that is selling some of the best known brands in the world. What do you think will be the biggest selling item ever? A Chloe handbag perhaps? You'll never guess...

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Innovation is heating up across Australia

Innovation unlocks the doors to growth, as we know. The latest data coming back from business people confirms the role of innovation in succeeding. A significant proportion of business managers surveyed for the report said innovation was a strategic priority for business. They also identified the need for further support in developing talented staff, collaboration and a stronger venture capital sector.

Five lessons learned from setting up international deals and partnerships

There are obvious differences between the local Australian market and those overseas, although on the surface things may look similar. Even if there is no language barrier, Australians doing business overseas usually find that what works in Australia does not work anywhere else, particularly in the marketing space.

Diamonds are forever thanks to an expanding online business. Ok, stop singing this headline...

What's a 22 year old bloke doing selling diamonds online? Well, with a gap spotted in the market and, a local distribution deal for one of the leading online jewellers in the world, he's taking on traditional retailers that seem to be uninterested in online customers.

New report shows that small biz brings the rock!

We all know that small business is important to the overall economy of Australia, and a new figures show that the sector has seen remarkable growth in the two years since the height of the global financial crisis. According to the Minister for Small Business Brendan O’Connor, as well as the recent Australian Small Business: Key Statistics and Analysis report, 260,000 new small biz jobs have been generated over the past couple of years, nationwide.

7 Lessons your business can learn from the London 2012 Olympics.

Now, other than immersion in the athleticism, is there anything else we can take from the recently concluded London 2012 Olympics? Well, there's plenty! The lessons our athletes have provided, some by having it the hard way on the world stage, are fully applicable in the business world. Some of the athletes will show you the right moves and others; well, they will show you exactly what you should avoid.

Five ‘old school’ terms that are vital to ‘new school’ online marketing

Online marketing means many things to many people: A website, Google AdWords, search engine optimisation, creating content 'assets' and getting involved in social media sites. It can sound overwhelming. But there's no need to get scared off by the jargon. The old rules still apply. Here are five 'old school' terms that are still vital to 'new school' marketing.