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Growth Guide: It’s all about strategy

A business plan is nothing without a well thought out strategy. In other words, the business plan should look beyond simply how you plan to work. Rather, it should provide a detailed road map to success.

How to be productive while procrastinating

It's largely frowned upon and, man-oh-man, it's got to be in the Top 10 of all guilty pleasures. But, today, I suddenly feel better for all the work avoidance that I have achieved over the last four hours. Why? Because I made my procrastination productive! Here are my seven tips:

7 ways to be happier at work

The combination of entrepreneur and brain scientist is rare in one human being. Jeffrey M. Stibel is one such person, and when he opines,...

Getting talent on board

Attracting and retaining talented employees is vital to the success of any business. A bus depot provides an unusual yet powerful analogy of what businesses can be doing to increase talent attraction and retention of top performers.

10 Ways to pump up your profits in May

Your goal in these challenging times is to keep focusing on how you can generate more income for your business. Keep asking yourself: "Is this the best use of my time? Is this going to generate more money for my business?" If it is not, stop doing it, or outsource it.

Work and the “F” Word(s)

Last year I was enlightened by a friend about the 3 Fs of work - Fun, Fame or Fortune. This lady is a brilliant...

Grow Me The Money

Grow Me The Money is a 12 month online program designed to help small to medium sized businesses become more sustainable and save money....

Get out of your inbox! Some Merlin magic.

The idea is simple enough. Don't leave emails in your inbox. It's not a healthy place to live. Action them immediately - deal with them, delegate them, delete them or move them from you inbox to somewhere more organised. Just don't let them sit there, mocking you.

Working the clock

He won a Chinese kickboxing title by pushing opponents out of the ring. He regularly analyses his own blood to identify trends. And he...

Tame the email beast – get control, get opened, get actioned

If you’re not careful, half your day can vanish down your inbox’s throat. A survey of almost 600 professionals showed two thirds of them spent...

Working with fear

If you ever feel under the pump at work, spare a thought for these three professionals. How would you have dealt with the pressure to win gold placed on Cathy Freeman at the Sydney Olympics? Perhaps the intensity that greets a police sniper at a siege would be more to your taste? Could you have surmounted your own vertigo to launch the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb business? When it's your job to deal with fear, you'd better learn fast.

Dot-com survivors downunder

Has it really been six years since the world's first wave of internet entrepreneurs fell through that plump cloud they'd conjured in the sky, taking with them the turgid hopes of our fledgling new economy? It's been six years peppered with hard luck stories, investor reluctance and, lately, cautious hope rekindled. Australian internet startups were in the thick of it back then. The survivors emerged with slightly bloodied noses and wisdom far beyond their years.



How to confidently raise venture capital… with Jack Delosa [CHEAT SHEET]

Need to raise capital for your new business venture? First, you need to understand how investors think! So, you wanto to acquire cappital? But, as...


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...